Thursday, July 26, 2012

Universities, Boys and Fashion:

Boulevard Modish: Sunday, 22/07/2012. thought the tshirt was  something. :)

Key. Tuesday, 24/07/2012.

25/07/2012. Leah. love the simplicity of this dress. :)

25/07/2012. Memory. Lace is timeless. love how it was incorporated into an otherwise simple Vee-neck tee. :)

25/07/2012. Lusa's Studded bag. Very edgy. love!

 Geraldine.  25/07/2012. the blue against the floral of the dress makes for a pretty summery look. :)
Boulevard Modish: University Of Lusaka. Today. 26/07/2012. loved the scarf.

Boulevard Modish: University Of Lusaka. loved the little shorts and bracelets. :)

Boulevard Modish: Today. 26/07/2012. Snakeskin bag. love!love!love!

love this shirt. Dad bought it on Saturday, 21/07/2012. love the print. :)

Boulevard Modish: Chileshe. University Of Lusaka. 25/07/2012. Bringing focus to her mismatched nail colour(this adds edge to her preppy/trendy outfit), her bag, and Love how she wrapped a headscarf around her bangle, the bow is terribly pretty! :)

Boulevard Modish: ChiChi. University Of Lusaka. Today, 26/07/2012. this look is chic, notice how she brings the outfit together with some killer studs and a low bun? :)

Boulevard Modish: Eve, Sunday, 22/07/2012. loved her bag and shoes. And lets not forget the bit of Chitenge we can see. :)

Boulevard Modish: George. University Of Lusaka. Today, 26/07/2012. loved his cardigan and tee look.  fresh and easy on the eyes. pair that with a watch and voila! :)

Geraldine. Tuesday, 24/07/2012. love the look, and the Louis-Vuitton bag. :)

Boulevard Modish: Off Alick Nkata Road. Today, 26/07/2012. was drawn to his laid back look. also, that watch! :)

Key., 25/07/2012. Also rocking her Adidas vs MastermindJapan Sneaks and Denim shirt. :)

Kahyi. Tuesday, 24/07/2012. Notice my liitle woven Reed bag? :)

Boulevard Modish: Ceryse. University Of Lusaka. Today, 26/07/2012. Loved her  high bun, brogues, scarf and heart-shaped studs. Also, the little ring she has on is so pretty. :)

Geraldine. Monday, 23/07/2012.

Kahyi. 25/07/2012. went simple yesterday by rocking a Houndstooth jersey, leggings and a pair of Adidas vs Mastermind Japan sneaks.

Boulevard Modish:  Karen. Sunday, 22/07/2012. loved this look! her bag and the little belt on her skirt really dress up this out fit. Thumbs up.

Kahyi. Today, 26/07/2012. :) Bead and Checks galore!

22/07/2012. Sunday. What I(Kahyi here) wore to church on Sunday. Tried the bow thing again. :)

Boulevard Modish: Mwansa. University Of Lusaka. 25/07/2012. loved her look. the contrast between the yellow and the black, with the black and white 50s inspired pumps was on point!

Nancy. Today, 26/07/2012. love!love!love! that jacket. the detail on the bottom and the little beaded sandals make this outfit what it is. :)

Qhuanda. Today, 26/07/2012.  She's seen here rocking a Fuchsia blazer, chain, black vest and, my favourite, a Chitenge print skirt. to finish it off, some boots. :)

25/07/2012. A girl i stopped in Katunjila road. was taken by the detail on her outfit and her bag. :)

Boulevard Modish: Mwamba. University Of Lusaka. Today, 26/07/2012. loved this look! the boots on the skirt make you take a second look. :) the accessories too, add a bohemian touch to the already edgy outfit. :)

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