Saturday, June 30, 2012

After The Hiatus:

The ruffly bit on this dress adds punch to an otherwise simple dress. :)

Black Bootie. Notice the nail job, FAB non?

An out take from the post: "Guest Starring: Mwenya".

The leopard print skirt happens to be a skirt Key bought and re-sewed to get to fit her  right. Notice how she paired that with a cardi, grey vest and plimsoles? dressy meets comfy. :)

A random shot of Key in the living room. :)

Kahyi. This I wore to church. Felt like adding a little "casual" to my usually dressy sunday getups.

Here's a better look at Key in her skirt.

bag, Henley Glamour Pearl watch. bracelets. 17/06/2012.

Cat'. a close up of her beautiful hair. Striking! we love!

Cat'. a close up of her bag and shoes.

This outfit was brought together wonderfully by the accessories, this particular piece(the necklace) from Kutowa Designs struck us most. love, love, love!

I know that it's winter here in my beautiful country... But I couldn't help trying out blue lipstick(a trending, but daring, lip colour in countries that are enjoying the summer).

19/06/2012. Kahyi and Key.

A close up of Key as she takes on a new look... wearing Duku's. :)

Kahyi. Denim. Skirt. Vest.

Jesus Pieces and Combat boots.

Key. Thursday. 21/06/2012. A mishmash of looks is displayed here. Some Bohemian, some urban and some grunge. :)

Key strikes a pose. :)

Notice the subtle matching of pink/purple hues throughout the outfit?

Love the rockstar 'tongue out' headpiece. Still rocking those Chitenge Print Nails.

Kahyi, thursday, 21/06/2012. Paired my multicoloured floral shirt with a blue cardi, grey jeans and my peterpan booties.

A close up of the cardi and floral shirt. Belted in for extra "oomph".

Look how it goes well with the beaded jewellery. :)

Key. Sunday 24/06/2012. some randoms.

Duku on my head!! :)

The neck piece is something I (Kahyi here) made using rubberbands(patented) and material meant to be used to cover desks and such. :)

Notice the nails against the Duku? :)

In full view. 25/06/2012, monday.

Matched the dress  with a pair of highheeled booties. :)

A close up. :)

A close up of the booties. :)

HI!! :)

Ma Fashio. Trying my hand at dark and mysterious. :)

Mbaula(Brazier) - a new look???? :)

it just seemed to work so well, we're thinking its a great

Mbaula. full shot. :)

Tuesday. 26/06/2012. Purple duku and yellow rubberband chain.

The duku and rubberband pieces brought life to a somewhat dreary outfit. :)

Love the print in the shirt. :)

Shirt. Pencil skirt. Rubberband chain.

Another look.

Accesories! Accesories! :)

Tuesday. 26/06/2012. Tights worn on pencil skirt and shirt outfit. Shade: Blackmail. :)

Bag. Rubberband chain. Duku.

An artistic close up.

A close up on the nails. 26/06/2012

Love this bag! The studs and lace detail make this bag what it is. Very Punk(the studs) meets French Chic(the lace).

A bow I made(Kahyi here). See how I put it together with the button down shirt, skirt, belt and rubberband cassette chain.?

Rocking natural hair. :)

Yesterday. 29/06/2012. A compilation

Cat's bags. To. Die. For. :)


A compilation. 26/06/2012.

Khayani. 27/06/2012. A compilation.

Cat'. 24/06/2012. A compilation.

Cat', 24/06/2012.  A compilation.

Key's first attempt at wearing a duku. :)

Duku shots. Key. :)

Keys Grunge Boy studs. :)

We love how this dress is so graceful. Paired with the clutch? Genius.

Khayani in her Indian  dress. Love the simplicity of this so much. :)

Key. 17/06/2012. A compilation

Kahyi. 19/06/2012

Kahyi. 19/06/2012. A compilation.