Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Past Two Days

page boy chic :)


Key in Combat

a close up.

another "one on one". ;)

yesterday, kitchen counters, bows, multicoloured floral,  leggings :)

Combat boots were the focus yesterday. :)

Key, showing off (very little of) her mohawk. the pretty little bow you see atop her head was hand sewn by yours truly(Key). :)

Muddy Combat Boots are sooo in this winter!(lol)

found these little darlings(the glasses) tucked away in Dad's desk drawer.

my classmate Nayomi. :) a picture i took of her in her sari. :)

Key looked so pixie-ly Parisian chic on Tuesday. seen here waiting on public transport. :) love the beret.

All Together Now!! :)

Remember the Stacking I mentioned? This was it. :)

Combat Boots, Key.

Tuesday, Patio, Jeans, Jackets, Head scarves, Sneakers.

Miscellaneous, Tuesday, Bangles, Watch, Office Bathroom, Home. 

These are Chitenge print nails I did for Key. Notice how the pattern switches up on the middle finger to the pattern on the other hand?(left to right and viceversa) ;)

These awesomes are shorts Key designed. got a pair of her Grey jeans and sewed on the lace bit. love love love!

the Aztec-esque drawings/designs on this fitted cap were hand drawn by Key(that's her in the bottom

yesterday, bows, slippers, leggings, poses, kitchen counters.

What's so fashionable about this picture you may ask? Absolutely nothing! Except maybe the red lip, which I'm sure will always be in fashion where statements are concerned(as was the black lip from last year.)
Key and I "dressed down" for our camp trip. lol

in Serenje(Central Province of Zambia).
Tuesday, Key, Beret, Bands, Page Boy, Jesus Piece, Studded Jacket. :)


  1. i am so having a shoot with both of you for my blog.. i have aways luved ur weird lil personalities.. <3 #LPepelia

  2. lol.. we'd be most honoured. :) #WeLoveLilysPepelia