Wednesday, March 26, 2014


To All,

Good Afternoon,

We have received several inquiries, in the form - “Is this you?” - From associates, clients and readers following the release of an article in the Zambian magazine ‘Bulletin & Record’ March 2014 issue.

We wish to stress that ‘Mafashow: Made in Zambia’ a project under an organisation called Winners Circle is in no way affiliated to MaFashio™.

We further wish to inform the public that ‘MaFashio’ is a trademark (registered with the Patents and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA) under Class 25 that incorporates all fashion related business in Zambia) belonging to MaFashio Trading Company Limited, whose directors are Sekayi and Tukiya Fundafunda.

Numerous discussions were had with the individuals that have initiated this project, before the release of this publication and during the forming stage of the said project. The MaFashio Directors were approached at the beginning of 2013 to be a part of ‘Mafashow: Made in Zambia’ but were compelled to decline following unquestionable similarity between business carried out by MaFashio Trading Limited and this project – which would be misleading to MaFashio clients and followers; and the organisation’s refusal to change the project name despite it (MaFashio) being the industrial and intellectual property of MaFashio Trading Limited.

This disclaimer can be taken as official notice. Our customers, affiliates and followers are advised and encouraged to refer to this document, should they come across any inquiries as to the same.

We again wish to apologise to all our esteemed clients, associates, and MaFashio well-wishers for the confusion and distress this has caused. We remain grateful for your enduring support throughout the two years MaFashio has been in existence and it is our hope that we can continue to pursue our vision of bringing Zambian Fashion to a global stage with you.

Sekayi and Tukiya Fundafunda

Ladies of MaFashio