Saturday, August 24, 2013

Fashion Fix: Aprons, Dates & DIY's

08/08/2013. Lady of MaFashio, Kahyi, goofs around with Paul of BlackDot on set. :)

30/07/2013. Lady Of MaFashio, Key rocks an H&M floral bomber jacket over a mesh blouse. :)

Boulevard Modish: 14/07/2013. Now here is something you do not see everyday. We are particularly smitten by her tights and matching croc' skin bag and kitten heels. 

29/07/2013. The Ladies of MaFashio on set, pose with twins Alison and Stephanie. :)

24/07/2013. Key shows off her DIY "Tribal Patch" jeans. :)

06/08/2013. Kahyi is all about "flower power" in this look. rocking a floral top and black wrap skirt. Worn with a Neck Piece from Shop MaFashio. :)

12/08/2013. We are in-love with Miss Paisley, of Power FM's lace trim blouse and high bun. :)

29/07/2013. MaFashio Lady, Key, shows off her DIY "Bart on Denim"shirt. (She drew on all of that.) worn here with some beaded bangles. ;)

02/08/2013. MaFashio Lady, Kahyi, "showcasing" pieces from the latest Shop MaFashio collection of accessories.

09/08/2013. Key posing in her DIY Denim Collar Neckpiece. :)

03/08/2013. Kahyi in a jersey and moccasins. :)

21/07/2013. All in one night. Kahyi's creative indecision. :)

07/08/2013. Kahyi.

16/07/2013. Key in a bandana, floral blouse, sheer skirt, and the highlight, her DIY "Book Clutch". :)

09/08/2013. Kahyi. Lace and Maxi skirts. :)

18/07/2013. Lady Of MaFashio, Key, Jimi Hendrix and animal print. :)

30/07/2013. Lady Of MaFashio, Kahyi, shows off an Ankara Bag Key purchased for her. :)

09/07/2013. The Ladies Of MaFashio on an icecream date with Zambian songbird/actress - Chembo. :)

26/07/2013. The Ladies Of MaFashio on set, with Key in a DIY "1991"beanie. :)

24/07/2013. Kahyi rocks an urban Bow-Tie look. :)

22/08/2013. The Ladies Of MaFashio, Kahyi & Key. :)