Friday, March 22, 2013

Fashion Fix: Ads, Boys and Buns!

14/03/2013. MaFashio lady, Key rocks animal print and a blazer. check out those sunglasses. :)

Boulevard Modish: 16/03/2013. Natasha dons an orange blazer and green dress. we love this colour blocking! :)

16/03/2013. MaFashio lady, Kahyi. On set, doing make-up and such . In a quirky apron she got in Zimbabwe. :)

Boulevard Modish: 16/03/2013. the gorgeous 'Tale, in a multicoloured  summer dress and blazer. :) we love her  accessories! 

16/03/2013. the beautiful MaFashio lady, Key.

Boulevard Modish: 16/03/2013, Mary, we love her two strap patent leather bag. notice the baby pink stitching? :)

21/03/2013. Key looks uber adorable in her ensemble. :)

13/03/2013. Kahyi. :)

Boulevard Modish: 16/03/2013. Kezia, we love her look, she pairs her chilled out monochrome get-up with some bangles that add a punch of colour. :)

Boulevard Modish: 16/03/2013. love her stacked up bracelets. :)

Boulevard Modish: 16/03/2013. This is a great way to rock a floral print. paired with a blazer and  pencil skirt.  We love her accessories, especially her dangling earrings!

20/03/2013. Nancy, we love her pleated amoeba print blouse.

Boulevard Modish: 17/03/2013. we love Tio's interpretation of the(international) spring monochrome trend. :) 

16/03/2013. Kahyi. :)

20/03/2013. Kahyi's latest shoes!! we welcome her Block T-bar heels to the family. :)

20/03/2013. Rachel's Asian Persuasion. we love her  blouse. :)

Boulevard Modish: 16/03/2013. We love her red and gold maxi dress!! look at those accessories!! :)

Boulevard Modish: 17/03/2013. love this polka dot shirt. It goes "Paris chic" when she adds the maroon scarf. very classy. :) 

15/03/2013. Kahyi in her brand new shade of lipstick. Its a tan-ish nude colour. For those dramatic make-up days. :)

21/03/2013. Kahyi in denim and a lace pencil skirt. Notice, also, her pyramid ring and  Liz Clairborne snakeskin hand bag. :) 

Boulevard Modish: 16/03/2013. We love this look. it's a great way for men to show off their athletic(or not) calves. Horizontal stripes - in his t shirt - make you appear bigger, so they are great for adding a more "buff guy" look. Make sure to steer clear of them if they are two or more sizes too big however, because they'll do nothing for you. we are also loving his Lacoste wristwatch. :)

13/03/2013. The Beautiful, Ms Rachel. we love her button down blouse and khaki's as well as the little pink flats that highlight the pink in her top. :)

13/03/2013. Kahyi's "silver dipped" heels. :)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Swap Shop Fashio!

Boulevard Modish: 09/03/2013. 'Meet Mutsa Swap Shop' chief organiser, Mazuba of C1rca1964 is absolutely adorable in her outfit. love the pleated skirt and her Chitenge Print wedges. :)

09/03/2013. The Ladies of MaFashio - Kahyi and Key - with our cousin, Cathy. :)

09/03/2013. Key's outfit to the Meet Mutsa Swap Shop. :)

Boulevard Modish: 09/03/2013.  Kapembwa, looking dapper in a formal button down shirt and some chinos. we are in love with his Chitenge bow-tie and pocket (Done by nascent clothing brand MintFresh). Also, we love his watch - great way for men to exercise the "statement piece" trend. :)

Boulevard Modish: 09/03/2013. Coretta represents the ladies of Asikana Network well with her outfit. It oozes  Bohemian chic. As always, we are drawn to her accessories(purchased at MzSunshine Store Zambia). loving the hair too! :)

09/03/2013. Cathy is uber trendy in her get up. With a killer Mohawk, a lace jersey, jeans, tan brogues and that lovely turquoise neck piece. :)

09/03/2013. Kahyi channels an urban "70s rockstar" with this outfit, that she wore to the Meet Mutsa Swap Shop.

Boulevard Modish: 0/03/2013. Kamota looks stunning in this outfit. Its a modern afrocentric look. love the bow in her hair as well as the DIY Chitenge bangle. :) love it!

Boulevard Modish: 09/03/2013. Anselm(owner of nascent clothing brand 'MintFresh') is the definition of  "fashionmister" in this look. :)

10/03/2013. Kahyi and our mum, Gina. what they wore to church. :)

10/03/2013. Kahyi. :)

08/03/2013. Mazuba rocks denim on Chitenge, we love it!!

09/03/2013. Mutsa Marau, founder of the 'Meet Mutsa Swap Shop'  fund raiser. love the leather sling bag, the multi-colored pants as well as her denim waist coat. :)

11/03/2013. Key in Denim on denim,  animal print bow-tie, a fedora and flatforms. :)

09/03/2013. the organising team(Mutsa Marau, C1rca 1964, Asikana Network and MaFashio) pose for a group picture with swapper, Kamota. :)

Boulevard Modish: 09/03/2013. In love with their hairstyles. :)

Boulevard Modish: 09/03/2013. love her Denim box dress, and cute leather bag. :)

Boulevard Modish: 09/03/2013. George of Bongo Hive, our hosts for the Meet Mutsa Swap Shop. love the denim on denim he's rocking. :)

09/03/2013. Mutsa and the MaFashio ladies pose for a picture with Chief organiser Mazuba, of C1rca 1964.(love her Chitenge bow). :)

09/03/2013. Some of the shoes being swapped at the Meet Mutsa Swap Shop.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ponytails 'n' Denim

02/03/2013. Lior looks summer time fresh in his aqua shorts and  blue button down shirt. Love the shoes and  leather band accessories around his wrist. :)

02/03/2013. Kahyi's birthday DAY outfit. :)

28/02/2013. Key. in a fedora, checked blazer, a 'Johnny The Homicidal Maniac' tee she drew-on herself and some jeans. :)

03/03/2013. Kahyi rocks her new hairstyle on a monochrome(trendy) maxi dress. :)

Boulevard Modish: 06/03/2013. Fatima looks sharp in this outfit.  Love the lace detailing on the sleeves of her jersey, and the striped tie. :)

Boulevard Modish: 01/03/2013. We love this look. In particular,  her tailored  striped  jacket, neck piece and awesome flats. :)

Boulevard Modish: 03/03/2013. Auntie Sheila looks lovely in her lace dress. :)

01/03/2013. Kahyi. :)

02/03/2013. Morris rocks a "faux denim" shirt on his jeans. Accessorizing with  a ring from Mauritania and a  metal wristband from India. :)

04/03/2013. Kahyi in stripes and a necklace she got for her birthday. :) 

05/03/2013. Kahyi does "denim on denim" with different shades.  Throwing on some animal print  flats and statement neck piece for spark. :)

28/02/2013. Kahyi. :)

02/03/2013. Key at Kahyi's birthday dinner. :)

02/03/2013. Key, Denim and Combat boots. :)

01/03/2013. Evah-Louise, our cousin, rocking "denim on denim" the  cool way with yellow skinnies  and  a denim jacket. :)

02/03/2013. Kahyi, at her birthday dinner. :)

Boulevard Modish: 01/03/2013. Marcus, rocking trendy coloured denim and some vans. Love! :)

06/03/2013. The Ladies of MaFashio. :)