Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Swap Shop Fashio!

Boulevard Modish: 09/03/2013. 'Meet Mutsa Swap Shop' chief organiser, Mazuba of C1rca1964 is absolutely adorable in her outfit. love the pleated skirt and her Chitenge Print wedges. :)

09/03/2013. The Ladies of MaFashio - Kahyi and Key - with our cousin, Cathy. :)

09/03/2013. Key's outfit to the Meet Mutsa Swap Shop. :)

Boulevard Modish: 09/03/2013.  Kapembwa, looking dapper in a formal button down shirt and some chinos. we are in love with his Chitenge bow-tie and pocket (Done by nascent clothing brand MintFresh). Also, we love his watch - great way for men to exercise the "statement piece" trend. :)

Boulevard Modish: 09/03/2013. Coretta represents the ladies of Asikana Network well with her outfit. It oozes  Bohemian chic. As always, we are drawn to her accessories(purchased at MzSunshine Store Zambia). loving the hair too! :)

09/03/2013. Cathy is uber trendy in her get up. With a killer Mohawk, a lace jersey, jeans, tan brogues and that lovely turquoise neck piece. :)

09/03/2013. Kahyi channels an urban "70s rockstar" with this outfit, that she wore to the Meet Mutsa Swap Shop.

Boulevard Modish: 0/03/2013. Kamota looks stunning in this outfit. Its a modern afrocentric look. love the bow in her hair as well as the DIY Chitenge bangle. :) love it!

Boulevard Modish: 09/03/2013. Anselm(owner of nascent clothing brand 'MintFresh') is the definition of  "fashionmister" in this look. :)

10/03/2013. Kahyi and our mum, Gina. what they wore to church. :)

10/03/2013. Kahyi. :)

08/03/2013. Mazuba rocks denim on Chitenge, we love it!!

09/03/2013. Mutsa Marau, founder of the 'Meet Mutsa Swap Shop'  fund raiser. love the leather sling bag, the multi-colored pants as well as her denim waist coat. :)

11/03/2013. Key in Denim on denim,  animal print bow-tie, a fedora and flatforms. :)

09/03/2013. the organising team(Mutsa Marau, C1rca 1964, Asikana Network and MaFashio) pose for a group picture with swapper, Kamota. :)

Boulevard Modish: 09/03/2013. In love with their hairstyles. :)

Boulevard Modish: 09/03/2013. love her Denim box dress, and cute leather bag. :)

Boulevard Modish: 09/03/2013. George of Bongo Hive, our hosts for the Meet Mutsa Swap Shop. love the denim on denim he's rocking. :)

09/03/2013. Mutsa and the MaFashio ladies pose for a picture with Chief organiser Mazuba, of C1rca 1964.(love her Chitenge bow). :)

09/03/2013. Some of the shoes being swapped at the Meet Mutsa Swap Shop.


  1. Sad I am only seeing this after it took place...Looks like it was a super fun day...


  2. looks like swap shop was awesome... good job guys

  3. Great idea and the vibrant colors and outfits look awesome.


    1. We've taken a look at your blog, love it!! :)

  4. I've liked it, Kahyi and your mum Gina, keep it up!

  5. Thank you all!! We had a great time!!