Thursday, July 26, 2012

Universities, Boys and Fashion:

Boulevard Modish: Sunday, 22/07/2012. thought the tshirt was  something. :)

Key. Tuesday, 24/07/2012.

25/07/2012. Leah. love the simplicity of this dress. :)

25/07/2012. Memory. Lace is timeless. love how it was incorporated into an otherwise simple Vee-neck tee. :)

25/07/2012. Lusa's Studded bag. Very edgy. love!

 Geraldine.  25/07/2012. the blue against the floral of the dress makes for a pretty summery look. :)
Boulevard Modish: University Of Lusaka. Today. 26/07/2012. loved the scarf.

Boulevard Modish: University Of Lusaka. loved the little shorts and bracelets. :)

Boulevard Modish: Today. 26/07/2012. Snakeskin bag. love!love!love!

love this shirt. Dad bought it on Saturday, 21/07/2012. love the print. :)

Boulevard Modish: Chileshe. University Of Lusaka. 25/07/2012. Bringing focus to her mismatched nail colour(this adds edge to her preppy/trendy outfit), her bag, and Love how she wrapped a headscarf around her bangle, the bow is terribly pretty! :)

Boulevard Modish: ChiChi. University Of Lusaka. Today, 26/07/2012. this look is chic, notice how she brings the outfit together with some killer studs and a low bun? :)

Boulevard Modish: Eve, Sunday, 22/07/2012. loved her bag and shoes. And lets not forget the bit of Chitenge we can see. :)

Boulevard Modish: George. University Of Lusaka. Today, 26/07/2012. loved his cardigan and tee look.  fresh and easy on the eyes. pair that with a watch and voila! :)

Geraldine. Tuesday, 24/07/2012. love the look, and the Louis-Vuitton bag. :)

Boulevard Modish: Off Alick Nkata Road. Today, 26/07/2012. was drawn to his laid back look. also, that watch! :)

Key., 25/07/2012. Also rocking her Adidas vs MastermindJapan Sneaks and Denim shirt. :)

Kahyi. Tuesday, 24/07/2012. Notice my liitle woven Reed bag? :)

Boulevard Modish: Ceryse. University Of Lusaka. Today, 26/07/2012. Loved her  high bun, brogues, scarf and heart-shaped studs. Also, the little ring she has on is so pretty. :)

Geraldine. Monday, 23/07/2012.

Kahyi. 25/07/2012. went simple yesterday by rocking a Houndstooth jersey, leggings and a pair of Adidas vs Mastermind Japan sneaks.

Boulevard Modish:  Karen. Sunday, 22/07/2012. loved this look! her bag and the little belt on her skirt really dress up this out fit. Thumbs up.

Kahyi. Today, 26/07/2012. :) Bead and Checks galore!

22/07/2012. Sunday. What I(Kahyi here) wore to church on Sunday. Tried the bow thing again. :)

Boulevard Modish: Mwansa. University Of Lusaka. 25/07/2012. loved her look. the contrast between the yellow and the black, with the black and white 50s inspired pumps was on point!

Nancy. Today, 26/07/2012. love!love!love! that jacket. the detail on the bottom and the little beaded sandals make this outfit what it is. :)

Qhuanda. Today, 26/07/2012.  She's seen here rocking a Fuchsia blazer, chain, black vest and, my favourite, a Chitenge print skirt. to finish it off, some boots. :)

25/07/2012. A girl i stopped in Katunjila road. was taken by the detail on her outfit and her bag. :)

Boulevard Modish: Mwamba. University Of Lusaka. Today, 26/07/2012. loved this look! the boots on the skirt make you take a second look. :) the accessories too, add a bohemian touch to the already edgy outfit. :)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cuts, Patterns and Prints(1):

20/07/2012. My dad. He matched the colour of the car, so we thought he had earned his place on Ma

21/07/2012. Pants Key made from Overalls. :)

21/07/2012. A compilation of Key's look to the Ladies Breakfast at Havillah park. :)

A compilation of Kahyi today, 21/07/2012. Trying my hand at 'Bowing' a head  scarf. :)

Mwila, Today 21/07/2012. loved the Bohemian meets african look she had going. And that bag!! :)

Geraldine. Today, 21/07/2012. Can you see how she matched her outfit with the animal print shoes?? :)

What I(Kahyi here) wore to the Ladies Breakfast today. :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Kahyi Today: 19/07/2012

Good Evening Everyone!!

Today I'm proud to introduce to Ma Fashio - 'Boulevard Modish'.
Any pictures with this tag are of people that aren't directly associated to us (Kahyi & Key).
In other words, these are people that have been stopped on the streets of Lusaka(or anywhere else in Zambia we might be), that we believe look Ma Fashio-Ma Fashio. :)
Thank you to those that let us take shots of them already and to those we will be stopping in the VERY NEAR future. :)
I'm wearing grey jeans, a black cardi', white formal shirt, lime green head scarf and grey flat booties. :)
Pictures of which have been uploaded. ;)

till the next post..xx

Introducing 'Boulevard Modish':

Key. 19/07/2012. Power pose. :)

Kahyi. 19/07/2012. The top half of this outfit is inspired by a 50s/60s school girl. :)

Key. 19/07/2012.  :)

Kahyi. Today. 19/07/2012.

Boulevard Modish: This is Mwila. University Of Zambia. 17/07/2012. loved her straw bag, the simplicity of her look and the little trinkets(accessories) she had on. Doesn't hurt that she has an amazing smile. :)

a compilation of the Cork Ring Key made. :)

Kahyi. Today. 19/07/2012

Boulevard Modish: Natasha. 17/07/2012. University of Zambia. Loved her purple  jeans on the brown brogues and the bun she had in. The little head scarf wrapped around it(the bun) adds an extra prettiness to this look. :)

Boulevard Modish: a girl I stopped on the UNZA bridge. loved her Tee. :)

Kahyi. 19/07/2012. A compilation. :)

The focus of the pictures today.  A cork ring Key made from an actual cork(the wine bottle stopper thing) and my 60's inspired spectacles. :)

 Key. 19/07/2012. It Used To Be A Maxi Dress!! :) 
Another compilation of Key in the dress. She did a good job non?