Saturday, January 19, 2013

Lockets, Rings & Prints

11/01/2013. Our beautiful older sister, Bee. :) we love this look! notice her accessories and long braids? :)

19/01/2013. Our mum, left, and her younger sister, our Aunt Bee, right, in the mid seventies. :)

12/01/2013. Kahyi. :)
13/01/2013. The Ladies of MaFashio, Kahyi and Key. :)

19/01/2013. Key today. rocking denim on a multi-print maxi skirt. :) notice her layered accessories? :)

19/01/2013. Kahyi today. :)

17/01/2013. Kahyi's locket neck chain and  "battle shield" inspired ring. :)

Boulevard Modish: Crawford Market, Mumbai. Love this look. notice how he's folded up his jeans at the bottom? Very trendy. :)

16/01/2013. What could be more MaFashio-esque than a timeless perfume? Chanel Number 5. :)

13/01/2013. What Key wore to church. This time she dressed up the look with a pinstriped blazer. :)

16/01/2013. Kahyi, on arrival at the KK Intl Airport. Rocking a "one size fits all" caftan she got in Colaba (Mumbai) and leggings. :)

17/01/2013. Kahyi, in a black vest, harem pants she got in Colaba, Mumbai, and peach sandals. :)

19/01/2013. Key's 'Angry Birds' ring Kahyi brought her from Mumbai. :)

13/01/13. Kahyi's "naya kubulaya" outfit. :)

12/01/2012. Kahyi's custom made key ring. A gift from her guide in India. :)

Boulevard Modish: 19/01/2013. Loved her statement neck piece and gold 'disco ball' earrings. :)

19/01/2013. Our mum , Gina, at 19. Isn't she lovely? :)

16/01/13. Kahyi's 60s inspired sunglasses ring.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pins & Needles

05/01/2013. Lady M looks absolutely lovely in this afro-centric floor length gown . :)

Boulevard Modish: 06/01/2013. We were immediately drawn to these giant houndstooth  button earrings.  :)

09/01/2013. Key, rocking denim on denim and hightop plimsoles. Love It!

27/10/2012. Violet looked retro chic in this cute little dress. notice how she paired it with  some  adorable  champagne coloured heels. :)

Boulevard Modish: 06/01/2013. We loved his look. Very trendy with the checked shirt, Khaki  pants and Vans. :)

Boulevard Modish: 22/10/2012. We love!love!love! these accessories, How BEAUTIFUL is her beaded chain? :)

08/01/2013. Key, pairs her Fez with leggings, an oversize vest, a denim waistcoat which she edited by adding the 'RUN DMC'  on the back. Love It!

08/01/2013. Kahyi is the 'patent princess' with this look, as can be seen with her   teal patent leather bag and patent  leather heels. :) she pairs those two with a blazer, Sesame Street Tee and jeans. :)

25/12/2012. A side view of  our cousin, Ian, or 'Swaggy' as he is affectionately called. :)

Boulevard Modish: 06/01/2013. We love this look!! the 20s military style dress and brown leather bag. We also love her little pearl tear drop earrings and sunglasses. :)

26/12/2012. Key in her Spongebob tee, Riding leggings knit waist coat and vans. :)

05/01/2013. Kahyi's nailjob - which has since changed. :)

Boulevard Modish: 06/01/2013. We love this look, simply because of how "her" it is.  Case In Point: the little lock necklace she says she made herself, and the blazer she threw on the hounds-tooth skirt. :) 

Boulevard Modish: 27/10/2012. Animal prints and red heels. :)

Boulevard Modish: 06/01/2013. this look has almost all the "Lusaka Trendy" elements: a sheer flared vest, and colour blocking. We were drawn in most, to her cute accessories, the little belt(great for adding definition to your waist), her mini statement neckpiece and her  'clock ring'. :)

07/01/2013. Key in denim and a beaded  necklace. :)

04/01/2013. a hazy Kahyi, rocking a woven scarf on denim ensemble. :)

Boulevard Modish: 22/10/2012, we love her little black dress, and how simplistic this look is. she leaves the "punch" to her awesome accessories. :)

08/01/2013. Key. :)

27/10/2012. Mwenya's cute little animal print bow band. :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Kahyi Today: 02/01/2013


It wouldn't be me if there was no message to welcome you into this brand new year.
I am terribly excited about this year, I'm glad that MaFashio is still here to continue to show you the different ma fashio Zambians have.
We are especially excited to have been guests on a relatively new show on ZNBC(our national broadcaster) TV2's 'The Link'.
Catch the interview on ZNBC TV2 at 15 hours on Saturday, the 5th of January, 2013. A repeat will be aired on Monday, the 7th of January, 2013, at 13 hours.

Everybody be sure to watch these shows. :)

This year, we plan to continue interacting with all of you, via giveaways, photoshoots, interviews, etc.

That said,
Today I'm wearing a button down striped shirt, grey denim skinny jeans, bangles and studded leather bands, a green beaded necklace and black flats. :)

till the next post... xx

Fashion In Ayin Gimel

29/12/12.  The beautiful bride, Hope(make-up by Kahyi). :)

27/12/12.  Lufi, loved his Mohawk, and relaxed purple on black denim look. :)

28/12/12. Kahyi. :)

29/12/12. Hope's bridal party looked lovely in their matching Chitenge outfits. Seen here dancing out of church after the service. :)

30/12/12. Felix looked on-point in this well put together outfit. We especially loved the shoes, bow-tie,  and "silent" pinstripes in is trousers. :)

25/12/12. Key in a 'The Hundreds' fitted cap. :)

28/12/12. Eve and Chikondi's wedding. We love the colour combinations and her bridal gown. :)

27/12/12. The Ladies of MaFashio and our cousin, Mbo. :)

27/12/12. Our 13 year old cousin, Bupe, does us proud, rocking a patent leather  sling bag. :)

31/12/12. ZNBC TV2, 'The Link' presenter, Kalu, looked edgy in this loosely black and gold outfit.  We especially love the very trendy, stripey "boob tube" and those killer heels! :)

Boulevard Modish: 28/12/12. One of Eve's bridesmaids and her little flower girls. Adorable. :)

Boulevard Modish: 30/12/12. How Fashionista are these Golf inspired  low block  heels? :)

27/12/12. Mukabe and Lumbayi, looked little boy cute in their  tee's, straight leg jeans and Supra's. :)

31/12/12.  Mubanga, we love the simplicity of this look. That ring is absolutely lovely. :)

28/12/12. A side view of Eve, as she leaves the church. :)

30/12/12. What Key wore to Church. love the little  beat up booties. :)

30/12/12. What Kahyi wore to church. :)

30/12/12. An out take of Felix.  Notice the little boys? :)

29/12/12. A little sparkle. Kahyi's latest nail job. :)

28/12/12. Tina and another bridesmaid pose for MaFashio. :)

30/12/12. Our Aunt Joyce in a blouse she  made. Love It! :)

27/12/12. Kahyi is "At Home" chic in her Chitenge  Shirt , pencil skirt and Moroccan  House  slippers. :)

31/12/12. Kahyi and Key pose for a picture with 'The Link'(ZNBC TV2) presenter Kalu, after their interview on the show. :)

27/12/12. Mbo is trendy with an Amoeba print shirt, Straight leg black  jeans, Gold watch and  loafers. :)

29/12/12. The bride and groom break it down at the reception. We loved Hope's  bridal gown too. :)

01/01/13. Batman Inspired. Keys latest nail job. Done for her by Kahyi. :)