Saturday, January 19, 2013

Lockets, Rings & Prints

11/01/2013. Our beautiful older sister, Bee. :) we love this look! notice her accessories and long braids? :)

19/01/2013. Our mum, left, and her younger sister, our Aunt Bee, right, in the mid seventies. :)

12/01/2013. Kahyi. :)
13/01/2013. The Ladies of MaFashio, Kahyi and Key. :)

19/01/2013. Key today. rocking denim on a multi-print maxi skirt. :) notice her layered accessories? :)

19/01/2013. Kahyi today. :)

17/01/2013. Kahyi's locket neck chain and  "battle shield" inspired ring. :)

Boulevard Modish: Crawford Market, Mumbai. Love this look. notice how he's folded up his jeans at the bottom? Very trendy. :)

16/01/2013. What could be more MaFashio-esque than a timeless perfume? Chanel Number 5. :)

13/01/2013. What Key wore to church. This time she dressed up the look with a pinstriped blazer. :)

16/01/2013. Kahyi, on arrival at the KK Intl Airport. Rocking a "one size fits all" caftan she got in Colaba (Mumbai) and leggings. :)

17/01/2013. Kahyi, in a black vest, harem pants she got in Colaba, Mumbai, and peach sandals. :)

19/01/2013. Key's 'Angry Birds' ring Kahyi brought her from Mumbai. :)

13/01/13. Kahyi's "naya kubulaya" outfit. :)

12/01/2012. Kahyi's custom made key ring. A gift from her guide in India. :)

Boulevard Modish: 19/01/2013. Loved her statement neck piece and gold 'disco ball' earrings. :)

19/01/2013. Our mum , Gina, at 19. Isn't she lovely? :)

16/01/13. Kahyi's 60s inspired sunglasses ring.


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