Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fashion Fix: Kadyonko

Boulevard Modish:  Nalukui. 20/01/2013.  She looks lovely in this outfit. It's simple and easy on the eye. We were drawn to her pale pink maxi matched with the brown belt. Also, her beaded accessories - the neckpiece and sandals - and the leather jacket. :)

02/02/2013. MaFashio Lady, Key, rocks a sheer maxi skirt she created and grey maxi top, :)

25/01/2013. A ring Kahyi brought from India. :)

28/01/2013. Meebelo in a checked vest and her denims. :) love her little chain.

25/01/2013. Statement rings Kahyi brought for sale from Mumbai, India. :)

21/01/2013. Kahyi models a beanie created and hand stitched by Key. :)

05/02/2013. Kahyi shows off her latest heels. :) Hot pink anyone?

20/01/2013, Kahyi  in her "John Lennons" and a retro inspired ring. :)

05/02/2013. Rachel in a rose and white sheer blouse, and stonewash denim jeans. We LOVE her lace Next bag. :)

03/02/2013. Our Aunt Joyce looks Uh-mazing in this outfit. She's on trend with  a mild paisley print dress belted in at her true waist, red jacket and bow pumps. Pulled together finally by some gold bangles. :)

02/02/2013.  :)

05/02/2013. Kahyi shows off her new six inch wedges. :)

25/01/2013. Kahyi takes a quick bedroom shot before heading out. :)

02/02/2013. Kahyi layers her Elmo tee and blue maxi dress. She's also seen here rocking a bun with her natural hair. :)

27/01/2013. Little Semi-precious stone earrings Kahyi got as a gift from our gran. :)

22/01/2013. Key in her Angry Birds tee and black denims. :)


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