Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Prints, Tots and Grunge

Boulevard Modish: 23/02/2013. Chileshe does justice to these print leggings. rocking them with tan brogues and a solid teal button down shirt. We also love her glasses and head tie. :)

Boulevard Modish: 23/02/2013. love this look. It's simple and easy on the eye. She went denim on denim with this, breaking the blue by throwing on some trendy yellow and black flats. Notice her high bun? :)

Boulevard Modish: 23/02/2013. Lee is uber fashionista/trendy with this look.  Rocking some cut-out  leggings, Ombre  vest, a denim waist coat and plimsoles. Our attention is drawn to her 'Nyami Nyami' neck piece - adds an Afrocentric touch. :)

Boulevard Modish: 27/02/2013. Mwansa looks awesome in this colour blocked look. We love the  animal print detailing on the button down blouse and her white hand bag. :)

Boulevard Modish: 23/02/2013. Lian (of Lily's Pepelia) is absolutely lovely in this outfit. :) We wish to point out all the amazing accessories, most especially THAT BAG(!!). On trend with an off the shoulder oversize tee and some killer peeptoes. :) 

Boulevard Modish: 23/02/2012. Buba's outfit is a breath of fresh air, it is beautiful in it's simplicity. She throws in a dash of "intense fashionista" with her tasselled mauve bag. we love it. :)  

Boulevard Modish: 26/02/2013. Sean looks trim in this look. We love the grey  on pink(jersey and shirt) as well as the nude plimsoles. :)

27/02/2013. Kahyi, :)

Boulevard Modish: 23/02/2013. love their looks, very skater chic meets grunge. :)

Boulevard Modish: 26/02/2013. we love this look. She tones down the trendy Neon pinks and oranges with this number. Rocking a baby pink blouse on a beautiful polka dotted orange skirt. Notice her lime green nail colour? :)

Boulevard Modish: 26/02/2013. Farai is exceptional in this look. She dons a floral dress and  beautiful  blazer. love the bag and the neck-piece. :)

18/02/2013. Little Miss Taizya brings Fashionista to life at such a tender age, in some very trendy white and metallic courts. :)

27/02/2013. Chibwe shows off her braided bun. :)

Boulevard Modish: 27/02/2013. Nancy rocks an indigo pleated full length sleeveless dress with floral embroidery. :)

Boulevard Modish: 23/02/2013. Leon is fetching in this look. On trend in a fedora and print Tee. we love it! :)

Boulevard Modish: 23/02/2013. Adyeri is fresh in this floral skirt. She draws out the yellow in her skirt with a yellow  cropped sweetheart vest. :) love her little bag. 

26/02/2013. The Ladies Of MaFashio. :)

23/02/2013. Blushing bride, Karen, is divine in her gown. We are also swooning over  the grooms  suit. :)

27/02/2013. Mufuka is pretty in animal print and red. We love her accessories! check out the layered pearl necklace. :)

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