Tuesday, April 7, 2015

We Have Moved!!

Hi Fam'!

It's been a long time coming and finally we've done it!

We've found a new home!

We wanted to be the first to let you know about the move, and why.

Lets talk about the 'why?' first. For a long time, we have blogged using Blogger and shared our love for Zambian street-style here. As we have grown, so have the number of platforms. From Facebook, to Twitter, to Pinterest and Instagram, we've shared the MaFashio journey. We wanted one place for all of you to visit us and have an all access pass to everything that is MaFashio - so without further ado, we have moved to:

To visit us at our new home, click on the link and ring the doorbell (or in this case, the 'Welcome!' button)

If it's your first time meeting us, we have a page especially for you, it's our 'Who We Are' page. Get familiar and read all about us!

If you're interested in hiring or partnering with us, please visit 'Our Services' page. We have various services on offer. ;)

Even though MaFashio has grown as a brand and business, we cannot forget our first love, blogging. With our new home, we will bring you a lot more blogging content. Our blog page shall be where our MaFashio family will be able to check out all our posts!
Finally, the 'Our Contacts' page makes it easier for you to contact us. So send us some mail! 

We look forward to bringing you more of the best in everyday as well as event fashion; from OOTDs to Catwalk Trends.

Kahyi & Kii.

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