Sunday, May 12, 2013

Fashion May-hem!

27/04/2013. The Ladies of MaFashio pose with our brother, Ira. :) at the MaFashio meets Kreativ Kingdom Photoshoot.

Boulevard Modish: 10/05/2013. Balengu, bonafide Fashionmister. :)

05/05/2013. Kahyi, her look for  Star Wars Day - Channelling Princess Leia. :)

Boulevard Modish: 03/05/2013. Karen looks adorable in her print high-low skirt and statement neck piece. :)

02/04/2013. Kahyi shows off her DIY curls. :)

03/05/2013. Kahyi's look to our uncles wedding. :)

Boulevard Modish: 02/05/2013. Kunda is on trend with her denim on hot pink ensemble. :)

26/04/2013. MaFashio Lady, Key pouts for the camera at the Mangishi Love Pre-collection mixer. :)

Boulevard Modish: 02/05/2013. Sharon's on point with this lovely lace detailed blouse.  notice the buttoning on the back? :)

Boulevard Modish: 02/05/2013. We love this dress!! the simplicity of it. she adds some  "oomph" with her animal print skinny belt and beaded neck lace. :)

26/04/2013. Official MaFashio Business Cards!! :D (ignore the blaring light on the left. lol)

Boulevard Modish: 10/05/2013.  We love her denim button down on that skirt, coupled with the sheer tights and brogues? she did it just right. :)

Boulevard Modish: 10/05/2013. This darling paired her - amazing- and very much on trend box bag with a pretty  print, high waist skirt.(notice how the colours coordinate?) :)

18/04/2013. Designer and fellow stylist, Khayani, goes simplistic with a white dress shirt and blue denims. She  puts a fashionista spin on things with the croc'&leather clutch and animal print loafers. We Love it! :)

Boulevard Modish: 10/05/2013. Taizya, we love her dress and accessories. :)

Boulevard Modish: 10/05/2013. Everyone must own a little white lace dress, for those  "I'm such a lady" days. :) We love how she adds a pop of colour with her pink skinny belt. :)

26/04/2013. MaFashio Lady, Kahyi's outfit to the Mangishi Love Pre-collection Mixer. :)

Boulevard Modish: 10/05/2013. we love her sky blue dress shirt. and how she pairs it with a diamante bow tie. :)

09/05/2013. The Ladies of MaFashio, Kahyi and Key, take a bathroom picture. :)

Boulevard Modish: 06/05/2013. Mwansa's box braids. :)

01/05/2013. Kahyi's Moccasins.:) 

22/04/2013. Key. :)

Boulevard Modish: 29/04/2013. we love her blazer, Khaki's, loafers and chains. :)

Boulevard Modish: 10/05/2013. Nancy. We love!love!love! her monochromatic jacket!!

Boulevard Modish: 09/05/2013. Nasilele in her  DIY maxi skirt. :)

Boulevard Modish: 10/05/2013. We are in-love with Marcus's Combat Boots!! aswell as his jeans and bead neckchain. :)

27/04/2013. Kahyi, Key and Ira. :) - MaFashio meets Kreativ Kingdom. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Fashion Fix: Mangishi Love

26/04/2013. Mangishi Love's Head Designer, Kapasa Musonda, with one of her models. We fell in-love with this dress. It's unique and over the top in every way we like it to be. :)

26/04/2013. A model rips the runway in a lovely little dress. We love the attention to detail - the tie in both the front and back. :)

26/04/2013. We love how this look embraces the very trendy mixture of patterns. we were particularly smitten by  the pants. :)

26/04/2013. We love,love,love(!!) Mangishi Love's Ready-To-Wear looks. This being an example:  It's sheer, it's maxi , it has some Chitenge and it colour blocks!! :)

26/04/2013. The Collection is not devoid of some drama, as seen by this Silver Trench, we must say, the model does it justice when she strikes that pose. :)

26/04/2013. Nothing says "On Trend" like a little sheer and a  pair of high-waist trousers. We are also completely taken by the Gishi Love collection( the accessories line) - notice her neck piece?. :)

26/04/2013. A model does her thing, rocking an outfit with a rather 40s Fashion vibe. we're feeling it. :)

26/04/2013. The models, posing for some "behind the scenes" shots. :) We love the Chitenge High-Waist pants. :)

26/04/2013. We love this skirt!!!! coupled with a Satin vest and a Gishi Love piece. It's taken to the next level. :)

26/04/2013. Sheer galore at Mangishi Love! :)

26/04/2013. Love this look. It was well thought out, and put together. we love how the blue in the shoes draw out the blue of her neck-piece as well as that enchanting circle skirt. :)

26/04/2013. With a never-ending flair, a model graces the runway in this number,  again - the attention to detail caught our attention. We LOVE the organza pleats in the skirt and the Chitenge piece on the top. :)

26/04/2013. The models take some time out to show MaFashio some love. How adorable is the Chitenge blazer? :)

26/04/2013. the star of this look is the high slit in the front of the dress. Love!!

26/04/2013. A Guest at the Mangishi Love Mixer, we love her blue sheer blouse on the leather leggings and wedges. :)

26/04/2013. Mangishi Love Studio.

26/03/2013. We fell for this dress too! The shoulders take it from an ordinary dress to "Fashionista personified". We also love the little reed sling bag. :)

26/04/2013. Mangishi Love Models pose for MaFashio. :)

26/04/2013. a model in a tie&dye box pleat dress. :) 

26/04/2013. Models at the Mangishi Love Pre-Collection Mixer. :)

26/04/2013. The Ladies of MaFashio, Kahyi and Key(both in custom made outfits), at the Mangishi Love Pre-Collection Mixer. :)

26/04/2013. Our favourite Afro-Socialite, Mazuba of C1rca1964, at the Mangishi Love Pre-Collection Mixer. Loving the bow-tie. :)

26/04/2013. Key's Mangishi Love Cupcake. :)