Thursday, May 2, 2013

Fashion Fix: Mangishi Love

26/04/2013. Mangishi Love's Head Designer, Kapasa Musonda, with one of her models. We fell in-love with this dress. It's unique and over the top in every way we like it to be. :)

26/04/2013. A model rips the runway in a lovely little dress. We love the attention to detail - the tie in both the front and back. :)

26/04/2013. We love how this look embraces the very trendy mixture of patterns. we were particularly smitten by  the pants. :)

26/04/2013. We love,love,love(!!) Mangishi Love's Ready-To-Wear looks. This being an example:  It's sheer, it's maxi , it has some Chitenge and it colour blocks!! :)

26/04/2013. The Collection is not devoid of some drama, as seen by this Silver Trench, we must say, the model does it justice when she strikes that pose. :)

26/04/2013. Nothing says "On Trend" like a little sheer and a  pair of high-waist trousers. We are also completely taken by the Gishi Love collection( the accessories line) - notice her neck piece?. :)

26/04/2013. A model does her thing, rocking an outfit with a rather 40s Fashion vibe. we're feeling it. :)

26/04/2013. The models, posing for some "behind the scenes" shots. :) We love the Chitenge High-Waist pants. :)

26/04/2013. We love this skirt!!!! coupled with a Satin vest and a Gishi Love piece. It's taken to the next level. :)

26/04/2013. Sheer galore at Mangishi Love! :)

26/04/2013. Love this look. It was well thought out, and put together. we love how the blue in the shoes draw out the blue of her neck-piece as well as that enchanting circle skirt. :)

26/04/2013. With a never-ending flair, a model graces the runway in this number,  again - the attention to detail caught our attention. We LOVE the organza pleats in the skirt and the Chitenge piece on the top. :)

26/04/2013. The models take some time out to show MaFashio some love. How adorable is the Chitenge blazer? :)

26/04/2013. the star of this look is the high slit in the front of the dress. Love!!

26/04/2013. A Guest at the Mangishi Love Mixer, we love her blue sheer blouse on the leather leggings and wedges. :)

26/04/2013. Mangishi Love Studio.

26/03/2013. We fell for this dress too! The shoulders take it from an ordinary dress to "Fashionista personified". We also love the little reed sling bag. :)

26/04/2013. Mangishi Love Models pose for MaFashio. :)

26/04/2013. a model in a tie&dye box pleat dress. :) 

26/04/2013. Models at the Mangishi Love Pre-Collection Mixer. :)

26/04/2013. The Ladies of MaFashio, Kahyi and Key(both in custom made outfits), at the Mangishi Love Pre-Collection Mixer. :)

26/04/2013. Our favourite Afro-Socialite, Mazuba of C1rca1964, at the Mangishi Love Pre-Collection Mixer. Loving the bow-tie. :)

26/04/2013. Key's Mangishi Love Cupcake. :)


  1. May you please have a photo blog post with girls of all body sizes ..... So many of us are not sure what to wear because we don't know our body weLl.... Thank you

  2. LOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!!! PLZ KEEP ME POSTED AT ruth chimbala on facebook.