Monday, July 7, 2014

MaFashio meets Kutowa Designs: Ka Girlo!

The Ladies of MaFashio (and MaFashio doll, and Model, Mwenya Fundafunda) had the priviledge of 'ïnvading' the Kutowa Designs studio this past week, to get our hands on Kutowa's latest collection, 'Ka Girlo'! 

The collection, inspired by the iconic, Ms. Marilyn Monroe features bright colours, flared skirts, high-waisted designs and high slits, that embody the spirit of Marilyn Monroe.

You will notice that all our images are in grayscale; to see these beautiful designs AND MORE(!) in living colour, you'll need to be at the next 'Fashion Friday' (1st August, 2014) being held at the Kutowa Design Studios from 8pm till late, on Kariba road of Lusaka's Kalundu area.


Many thanks to Towani Clarke and her team, for being wonderful hosts and letting us takeover their studio for an afternoon.

To get in contact with Kutowa Designs:

Tel: +26096 6728911

For more information about Fashion Friday:

Email: or visit