Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Fashion Mix Zambia: Fashion Friday(04/04/2014)

The First Ever 'Fashion Friday' by Fashion Mix Zambia. held on the rooftop(Sky Bar) of the Kenneth Kaunda building of Foxdale Court in Lusaka's Roma Township. 

Pieces by DebbieChu,

MaFashio Lady, Key, tests the backdrop. :)

DebbieChu pieces.

The 'I Am' stand at Fashion Friday.

Everything Must Go: Sale of beautiful crotchet garments by Angelika Huwiler

MaFashio Lady, Kahyi, takes a look at some of the garments.

Jewellery by Kutowa Designs.

'I Am' make-up artist uses Iman Cosmetics.

Fashion Friday creator, Angelika, doing final touches.

A view from the rooftop.

follow the signs! :)

Professional Hair Stylist - Nikita - finishes up the models hair.

Model, Ingrid, waits to get into her Kutowa piece.

Ngosa Chungu of Purple Tembo Media.

Karen Nakawala. Fashionista, Renowned Radio and TV Presenter and founder of Zambia Fashion Week.

George Mutale of Zambia's leading innovation hub, BongoHive.

Lovely Bandage dress.

MaFashio Lady, Kahyi.

Our favourite couple of the night. Married for 45 years! We love it!

Fashion Friday. :)

Fashion Friday attendees. :)

'I Am: the holistic You' representatives. 

MaFashio Lady, Kahyi, poses with Kamota, representing 'I Am' at Fashion Friday.

Revathi Avasarala and Paul Phiri of zm.kaymu.com.

Angelika Huwiler and Muchanga Mudenda introduce 'Fashion Friday'.

Fashion Friday attendee.

Megan Bloemker of Zhappening gives an introduction to fashion.

Fashion Friday attendee.

MaFashio Lady, Kahyi, speaks about MaFashio Company Limited and the Blog. :)

MaFashio Lady, Kahyi, poses with Fashion Designer and Model Trainer, Mickley Banda.

Karen Nakawala speaks during the Q&A session.

we love her matching pants and clutch.

Blazer Galore at Fashion Friday.

We loved her tote and matching flats.

Fashion Friday attendees.

loving the prints and booties.

Towani Clarke, founder and designer at Kutowa Designs.

Haute Couture at Fashion Friday.

We adore the prints and nude booties. :)

The panellists of  'An introduction to the Fashion Industry'  at Fashion Friday.

Professional Hair Stylist, Nikita and Kaajal Vaghela of KC Vaghela.

Kamota. :)

Fashion Mix Zambia Co-Founder, Muchanga poses with Nikita. 

Kaajal at her KC Vaghela stand.

ladies wrist watches and cotton totes by KC Vaghela.

Iman Cosmetics at Fashion Friday.

Nambeye(Joan) Katebe of 'Best of Zambia' poses with friend. love the way the pink has been incorporated into their outfits.

Sue at Fashion Friday. we love the sweetheart peplum, clutch and updo.

Martyn Mwiko of Le Apple Martini Clothing.

We love her Chitenge mermaid gown.

Her Chitenge fabric crop top and tube skirt are everything!

Model,  Nammy, and friend at Fashion Friday

Stephanie Chibwe(of 'The Closet' boutique) looks stunning in her Parabal Gurung inspired gown, Mweshi Ngandu in a pastel bodycon dress and friend in pant suit. We Love It!

We Love her Chitenge clutch and lace embroidery on the dress..

And then it was time for the Kutowa Designs mini fashion show....

And the unveiling of her long awaited Vlisco Collection...

models give a round of applause as the mini fashion show comes to an end.

Models: Tracy , Kunda and Mwenya.

Model, Mazyanga Nzima and friend.

Model, Kunda Kakoma. We Love(!) the print of her wrap dress. :) 

Fashion Friday attendees.

striking a pose at Fashion Friday.

Vintage vibes at Fashion Friday. 

We adore her blue sequin dress.

lovely ombre sequin dress with a "pop of colour" -  pink clutch.

We love the monochrome of both looks.

MaFashio Doll, Marilyn, at Fashion Friday. :) 

Leon and Sue at Fashion Friday.

Kezia Nalutongwe founder of Timeless Pieces' Boutique.

Ruth Chimbala of Roots Designs.

We love her monochrome outfit with that to-die-for statement piece and matching(deep blue) courts.

Monochrome at Fashion Friday.

Fashion Mix Zambia creators, Angelika Huwiler and Muchanga Mudenda pose in front of their banner.

For details on the next Fashion Friday visit: www.facebook.com/fashionmixzambia or www.twitter.com/fashionmixzm

Also, follow the Ladies of MaFashio on Twitter: www.twitter.com/mafashio or www.facebook.com/mafashio for all the latest in upcoming Zambian Fashion events and happenings.


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