Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fashion Fix: A Tale Of Two Cities

12/02/2013. Nancy. love her floral blouse. she throws it on some tailored cropped pants and sandals. we love her braids. :)

Boulevard Modish: 21/02/2013. Love, love, love (!) this look.  Very classy, we especially love  the punch of colour  that is her bag. :)
07/02/2013. Key. Knit waistcoat, denims, cardigan, and high tops. :)

16/02/2013. Kahyi and Key. O. R. Tambo airport.  Fedora business. :)

Boulevard Modish: 21/02/2013. love these. also, this is a great way for men to colour  block. Notice his purple socks? :)

12/02/2013. Elinah, proof that colour blocking is still cute. :)

14/02/2013.  Key, Eastgate Mall, Jo'burg. :)

Kahyi. in a cropped bodice designed by Khayani. :)

14/02/2013.  a tale of two cities. :)

14/02/2013. KK International Airport. Beaming.:)

Kahyi and Key. 07/02/2013.

15/02/2013. Our mum rocks a summer dress. Picturesque non? :)

18/02/2013. Paul. love his look. :)

15/02/2013. Key, Kempton Park. :)

20/02/2013. Kahyi shows off her latest courts. :)

10/02/2013. Ms. Mwangala. Colour blocks two of some of the hottest colours right now.  love it!

Kahyi.  12/02/2013. :)

15/02/2013. Kahyi in this seasons trend, Monochrome. :)

14/02/2013. En route to the airport. Kahyi and Key. 

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