Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fashion In Ayin Gimel

29/12/12.  The beautiful bride, Hope(make-up by Kahyi). :)

27/12/12.  Lufi, loved his Mohawk, and relaxed purple on black denim look. :)

28/12/12. Kahyi. :)

29/12/12. Hope's bridal party looked lovely in their matching Chitenge outfits. Seen here dancing out of church after the service. :)

30/12/12. Felix looked on-point in this well put together outfit. We especially loved the shoes, bow-tie,  and "silent" pinstripes in is trousers. :)

25/12/12. Key in a 'The Hundreds' fitted cap. :)

28/12/12. Eve and Chikondi's wedding. We love the colour combinations and her bridal gown. :)

27/12/12. The Ladies of MaFashio and our cousin, Mbo. :)

27/12/12. Our 13 year old cousin, Bupe, does us proud, rocking a patent leather  sling bag. :)

31/12/12. ZNBC TV2, 'The Link' presenter, Kalu, looked edgy in this loosely black and gold outfit.  We especially love the very trendy, stripey "boob tube" and those killer heels! :)

Boulevard Modish: 28/12/12. One of Eve's bridesmaids and her little flower girls. Adorable. :)

Boulevard Modish: 30/12/12. How Fashionista are these Golf inspired  low block  heels? :)

27/12/12. Mukabe and Lumbayi, looked little boy cute in their  tee's, straight leg jeans and Supra's. :)

31/12/12.  Mubanga, we love the simplicity of this look. That ring is absolutely lovely. :)

28/12/12. A side view of Eve, as she leaves the church. :)

30/12/12. What Key wore to Church. love the little  beat up booties. :)

30/12/12. What Kahyi wore to church. :)

30/12/12. An out take of Felix.  Notice the little boys? :)

29/12/12. A little sparkle. Kahyi's latest nail job. :)

28/12/12. Tina and another bridesmaid pose for MaFashio. :)

30/12/12. Our Aunt Joyce in a blouse she  made. Love It! :)

27/12/12. Kahyi is "At Home" chic in her Chitenge  Shirt , pencil skirt and Moroccan  House  slippers. :)

31/12/12. Kahyi and Key pose for a picture with 'The Link'(ZNBC TV2) presenter Kalu, after their interview on the show. :)

27/12/12. Mbo is trendy with an Amoeba print shirt, Straight leg black  jeans, Gold watch and  loafers. :)

29/12/12. The bride and groom break it down at the reception. We loved Hope's  bridal gown too. :)

01/01/13. Batman Inspired. Keys latest nail job. Done for her by Kahyi. :)


  1. Really proud of you guys and what you are doing!keep on keeping on!xoxo

  2. Thank you so much!! Will do!