Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Stilettos & Brides

18/12/12. Khayani, adorned in some killer accessories and stiletto nails and lashes done for her by Kahyi. :)

17/12/12: Limpo, brings out the red in her blouse by pairing it with a bold red pencil skirt. she breaks the  red with a cute pair of blue flats and a brown and pink bag. love it!

19/12/12. Kahyi, in a crocheted top and beaded circle skirt. keeping to trend with a pair of  retro inspired  platform-less pumps and pyramid bag. :)

13/12/12. Key in a beanie, denim on denim outfit and some animal print loafers. accessories include: a studded leather band and statement neck piece.

17/12/12. Key tones down the sexy by pairing her  floral deep  neck vest with a maxi skirt and some black flats. :)

18/12/12. Key's "comical meets tribal" stiletto nails. done by Kahyi. :)

08/12/12. A pink little dress our mum wore to Lavenia's bridal breakfast. She  pairs the dress with a beaded necklace, grey tights and some flats(to drive). we especially love her hair. :)

19/12/12. Kahyi in a ring she made. :)

Boulevard Modish: 26/12/12. we love how retro this bag is. :) 

23/12/12. The ladies of MaFashio, Kahyi and Key. :)

22/12/12. 'Bella Donna Finishing School' Zambia,  Manager,  Norena Chiteba's  Crocodile Skin  bag. we absolutely love the pink lining on the inside. :)

22/12/12. Key in a Russian winter hat and her studded combat boots. :)

13/12/12. little Constance on the set of  a Zamtel ad. How adorable is she? 

19/12/12. Kahyi goofing around in a beret and retro spectacles. :)

18/12/12. Khayani is very easily 70s chic with this look. love!

19/12/12.  Kunda. we love the skirt and off the shoulder top. look at the accessories. :D

23/12/12. Kahyi in a lace skirt and cropped bodice designed by Khayani. :)

13/12/12. Mwelwa on the set of  a Zamtel ad for which Kahyi was the make up artist. :)

25/12/12. Kahyi in new hair and embracing the Christmas spirit in  a red dress and  green belt. :)

09/12/12. a Moroccan wallet. :) notice the detailing? 

16/12/12. Kahyi in her animal print heels. :)

18/12/12. l to r: Key and Kahyi show off their  stiletto nails as done by Kahyi. :)

19/12/12. Tambudzai. love the colour and design of her blouse. :)

22/12/12. Bride-to-be, Hope, in a beautiful Afrocentric gown. En route to her kitchen party. look at the detail in her hair accessories.(Kahyi was her make up artist). :)

25/12/12. Kahyi. :)

12/12/12. Kahyi.  :)

18/12/12. Khayani and MaFashio lady, Kahyi. :)

19/12/12. Kahyi in an Ankara Sun Hat from Ghana and retro specs.. :)

26/12/12. 'Festive' inspired nails Kahyi did for Sheila. :)

13/12/12. Kahyi in animal print and deep blue. :)

22/12/12. Kahyi in a form fitting pale green dress. :)

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