Saturday, December 1, 2012

Fascinators, Copper & A Man:

24/11/2012. from l to r: Tio, Petronella, Mwenya, Key, Violet. These were Kahyi's models for  her mini  fashion show  at the PCC Ladies Breakfast, Lafe Hotel. :)

23/11/2012. Taizya. love the blouse and the little sling bag. :)

22/11/2012. Kahyi, in a handmade polka dot bow. :)

22/11/2012. Chibwe, love the sheer blue and gold sleveless blouse and those  leggings. also, the loafers and  statement ring. :)

16/11/2012. Key in studded combat boots. :)

16/11/2012. Kahyi in retro specs, a chitenge piece head tie, hounds tooth art tee, and red  skinny jeans. :)

15/11/2012. Kahyi's nail job. :)

28/11/2012. Kahyi in retro specs, blazer, vest and Chitenge scarf.  :)

14/11/2012. Key's birthday nail job. done by Kahyi. :)

24/11/2012. Violet, loved the print of her dress, accessories and the flawless make up. :)

Boulevard Modish: 24/11/2012. we love this dress. we especially loved the print detail at the hem and neckline. also the little frills are pretty. :)

Boulevard Modish: 30/11/2012. this outfit is very eye catching, with all the different colours and prints. :) love her little studded loafers, her flirty blazer, the dress and heart shaped studs. :)

22/11/2012. Key, in a denim corset vest she edited/altered, maxi skirt and animal print  head tie. :)

Boulevard Modish: 30/11/2012. these heels are so adorable. with an almost nautical meets Pan Am  feel. :)

29/11/2012. Kahyi. in a button up blouse and beret. :)

18/11/2012. Key, in a denim button up shirt, animal print  neck tie, orange pencil skirt, sheer tights, tan bag and animal print loafers. :)

24/11/2012. Mwenya, in a lace cocktail dress and lace up - peep toe heels. :)

20/11/2012. Kahyi. :)

Boulevard Modish: 24/11/2012. loved her statement gold chain. :)

14/11/2012. Key. :)

23/11/2012. Kahyi in Gold and copper accessories. :)

15/11/2012. What Key wore on the evening of her birthday. :)

15/11/2012. What Kahyi wore on the evening of Key's birthday. (having a Twilight  moment)

Boulevard Modish: 22/11/2012. love this very glamorous little bag. :)

24/11/2012. Key in a print dress and a neck piece our mum got in Uruguay. :)

30/11/2012. Kahyi's latest nail job.

27/11/2012. Kahyi's nail job. :)

14/11/2012. Key, rocking her natural hair, oversize tee and a maxi dress. :)

13/11/2012. Farai. love this look. the high waist pants, and multi print sleveless blouse, the little gold chains add such  a great touch.

14/11/2012. Kahyi and Key, on a bus. :)

Boulevard Modish: 13/11/2012.  loved his look. the very trendy tan pants, multicoloured skull tee and mickey mouse wrist watch. :)

14/11/2012. Kahyi, doing a mild colour block in a deep blue maxi skirt, sky blue  faux denim  button down, multi coloured bracelets and coral head tie. :)

15/11/2012. Key, the morning of her birthday.  :)

Boulevard Modish: 13/11/2012. loved the blue frill blouse against the pleated pink skirt. :)

19/11/2012. Kahyi. :)

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