Wednesday, July 11, 2012

And To Begin July:

A bubu i wore to church on the first day of July. Yes(!), that's Sugarcane(Misale) in my hand. :)

Kahyi. 06/07/2012. :)

06/07/2012. nails I did. They've gone through such a transformation. :)

Key. 08/07/2012. Before the photoshoot, waiting on directions and such. :)

she rocked the combat boots on this too. :)

08/07/2012. After the shoot. As per usual, I rocking my Chitenge head gear. :)

09/07/2012. notice the  matching beaded necklace and bracelet? paired them with pearl studs of a similar shade of pink. :)

Kahyi. 10/07/2012.

Key. 08/07/2012. after the Lily's Pepelia #TeamIndividualistiQ #FashionIsMe Photoshoot. :)

Key. 08/07/2012. after the Lily's Pepelia #TeamIndividualistiQ #FashionIsMe Photoshoot. showing off her MJ curls and Bandana.

Key. 10/07/2012. Threw on lots of random buttons to her denim jacket to give more life. notice some of the chitenge print ones?

Kahyi. 09/07/2012. showing off my new hair. :)

10/07/2012. The focus of this is the little leather bag. My dad brought it  from Monze( found in the Southern Province of Zambia). It was handstitched by a local craftsman. Love how he included the Eagle head on the flap. #TeamZambia :)

Kahyi. 09/07/2012.

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