Thursday, July 19, 2012

Introducing 'Boulevard Modish':

Key. 19/07/2012. Power pose. :)

Kahyi. 19/07/2012. The top half of this outfit is inspired by a 50s/60s school girl. :)

Key. 19/07/2012.  :)

Kahyi. Today. 19/07/2012.

Boulevard Modish: This is Mwila. University Of Zambia. 17/07/2012. loved her straw bag, the simplicity of her look and the little trinkets(accessories) she had on. Doesn't hurt that she has an amazing smile. :)

a compilation of the Cork Ring Key made. :)

Kahyi. Today. 19/07/2012

Boulevard Modish: Natasha. 17/07/2012. University of Zambia. Loved her purple  jeans on the brown brogues and the bun she had in. The little head scarf wrapped around it(the bun) adds an extra prettiness to this look. :)

Boulevard Modish: a girl I stopped on the UNZA bridge. loved her Tee. :)

Kahyi. 19/07/2012. A compilation. :)

The focus of the pictures today.  A cork ring Key made from an actual cork(the wine bottle stopper thing) and my 60's inspired spectacles. :)

 Key. 19/07/2012. It Used To Be A Maxi Dress!! :) 
Another compilation of Key in the dress. She did a good job non?