Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cuts, Patterns and Prints(1):

20/07/2012. My dad. He matched the colour of the car, so we thought he had earned his place on Ma

21/07/2012. Pants Key made from Overalls. :)

21/07/2012. A compilation of Key's look to the Ladies Breakfast at Havillah park. :)

A compilation of Kahyi today, 21/07/2012. Trying my hand at 'Bowing' a head  scarf. :)

Mwila, Today 21/07/2012. loved the Bohemian meets african look she had going. And that bag!! :)

Geraldine. Today, 21/07/2012. Can you see how she matched her outfit with the animal print shoes?? :)

What I(Kahyi here) wore to the Ladies Breakfast today. :)

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