Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fashion Exhibits and Muses:

my geek spectacles. The frame actually dates back to the 80s. In true Retro style. :)

11/07/2012. Geraldine strikes a pose for her Ma Fashio Debut. you'll be seeing alot more of her. true fashionista this one. :)

13/07/2012. Fashion and Hotel Lobby's. my attempt at a low bun.

13/07/2012. Kahyi.

at Government House just before heading onto the runway. :)

Kahyi strikes a pose in  a Kutowa Piece.  :)

14/07/2012. Kahyi,in my 80s spectacles. :)

14/07/2012. Key. Taj Pamodzi Hotel. preparing for a Rotary Induction Dinner. Taking a Ma Fashio picture break. :)

14/07/2012. Kahyi. Taj Pamodzi Hotel. Checked Shirt and jeans. :)

12/07/2012. Alice. love the look. Her  booties and bangles. :)

Audrey rocking a summer inspired dress. Saying goodbye to winter??

12/07/2012. Chilombo. her look was simple yet well put together. we like! :) notice the accessories?

11/07/2012. a compilation of Geraldine in her - very 50s cocktail - dress and flower design earings. :)

14/07/2012. Key. A compilation of her in a Hello Kitty crop top her bff got her. :)

she rocked the dress with this amazing Houndstooth jacket. :)

13/07/2012. Kahyi. going corporate for the days work. :)

Bridget(Grey and Pink), Njavwa(Black and Pink) and I(Kahyi) rocking some Kutowa pieces we showcased for the Amaka Arts Festival Cocktail & Preview on 13/07/2012 at government House.

13/07/2012. Kahyi by day, Kahyi by night. :) traded in my soft eye-hard lip for a more fierce eye and hot pink lip for the Kutowa exhibit.
Geraldine. Today. 17/07/2012. Rocking a Gold and white turtle neck, Houndstooth skirt and amazing shoes(she says she  got at an extraordinary bargain). We love!love!love! :)

Kahyi. Sunday. 15/07/2012. I was a tad more put together last sunday. Donned a beaded  chain and bracelet, and a mild colour block.

Key. Sunday. 15/07/2012. Rocking a Chitenge Print skirt. :)

Kahyi. Today 17/07/2012. 

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