Friday, June 15, 2012

Guest Starring: Mwenya

Key's multicoloured floral sneak's. :)


Pow! Mwenya(another one of our little sisters), put this pose to rest. RIP



Key yesterday. the Combat boots made their first public appearance. :)

did these nails a while ago for my self. :)

shots throughout the day. 14/06/2012

took this of Key on the bus without her knowing. look at her deep in thought, all Bohemian  meets Grunge meets urban. :)

random dark shot.

the grey and yellow seem to compliment each other. tres bien! :)

look at that height difference! i'll have you know(Kahyi here) I'm pretty tall albeit she was wearing heels, she is exceptionally tall. :)

out takes. :)

Mwenya strikes a pose. she's such a beautiful person(we're sure that goes without saying). :)

love, love, love! that she could find anything that long is beyond us. lol The accessories, heels and floral dress go so well. :)

50s meets Futuristic(the silver belt). :) Mwenya really killed this pose. :)

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