Saturday, June 9, 2012

The First Batch. :)

Key and Krytic. Born & Bred Awards(2011). Chitenge Print Cocktail Dress. :)

colour blocking.. :)

one of the fascinators given to me by my Bebe Limpo. :)

love the purple, and look at the Chitenge print jacket. :)

another Chitenge print jacket.. :)

 Key in her vans.

naiiiiiiils! :)

new braids! ;)

Key in her RUN DMC and Vans. :)

Lulu, our little sister,

This Blazer! love, love, love!

Kahyi and Key. December 2011. News Cafe. 

Kahyi. Duku's and Rubberband chains. 2011

Kahyi, Key and our little brother Ira(1998). 

Kahyi. Clean Nails!!

Kahyi. September 2010. Show Grounds Ticket booth.

Kahyi. A bow I(Kahyi here) made.

purple lip!

Born & Bred Awards. Mbototo and Kahyi. Mulungushi Conference Centre :)

Kahyi and Ama Blax Front Man - Mbototo. Born & Bred Awards.  December 2011.

Kahyi. Nails done in July 2011.

Kahyi. June 2011. :)

Kahyi. In Chitenge Print dress Mum got in Ghana. :)

Kahyi. In Multi-coloured lightning bolt leggings and what used to be my favourite monster tee. :)

Kahyi. 2011. :)

Rocking a Mohawk. early 2011. :)

Zamtel Rebranding. (2011) 

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