Thursday, August 2, 2012

August Rush:

Taizya. 27/07/2012. love the bag.

Key. Saturday, 28/07/2012. rocking a houndstooth dress, a jesus piece, polka dot head scarf, some vans and an army style jacket.

Kahyi. Saturday, 28/07/2012. laid back look for the weekend.

28/07/2012. my new little sling bag. :)

Boulevard Modish: University Of Lusaka. Monday, 30/07/2012. Focus is the houndstooth dress. :)

Boulevard Modish: George. 30/07/2012. love the tee. :)

Taizya. 30/07/2012. :)

30/07/2012. Chitandwe. loving the leather jacket look.

Limpo. 30/07/2012. Love her little bag and the accessories.

Kahyi. Tuesday, 01/08/2012. Accessories i donned. :)

Kahyi. 01/08/2012.

Taizya. 01/08/2012. love the gold bracelets and leather band she was rocking.

Boulevard Modish: 01/08/2012.University Of Lusaka. loved the beads on the ends of her braids and  the bag.

Boulevard Modish: Ceryse. 01/08/2012. University Of Lusaka. As always, accessories are very important. how adorable is the little head piece and scarf? :) 

Boulevard Modish: Gabriel. 01/08/2012. University Of Lusaka. loved the waistcoat. :)

Ira. 01/08/2012.  Our brother rocking a Kanye-esque look with a knitted waistcoat. love!

Boulevard Modish: 01/08/2012. University Of Lusaka. loved the pearl on fabric chain she had on. also the little belt and her nails are on point. :)

Qhuanda. 01/08/2012. loved her school girl look. she killed it with an animal print jersey on top. :)

Boulevard Modish: 01/08/2012. University Of Lusaka. Petita's bag. loved the Chitenge print. The finish was also well done, what with the way the leather straps were incorporated. :)

Geraldine. 28/07/2012. love!love!love! the lace detail on the back of her jacket. :)

Chanda. 02/08/2012, Arcades Shopping Mall. She pulled off a multi print look. Also that Green hair is  uh-mazing! :)
Boulevard Modish: Mwansa, 30/07/2012.  loved the jacket and accessories. :)

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  1. Whose the chick with the black n pink Yeezy?? My numbers 0977... lol