Monday, August 20, 2012

Cuts, Patterns and Prints(2):

Kahyi. 15/08/2012. :)

Boulevard Modish: University Of Lusaka. 16/08/2012. love this bag!

Kahyi. 16/08/2012. :)

Boulevard Modish: Chichi, 17/08/2012. love!love!love! the jacket. look at those studs. :)

Kahyi. showing off my new heels. :)

Nancy. 17/08/2012. loved the lace on her blouse. :)

Kahyi. 17/08/2012

Kahyi. 17/08/2012. 90s inspired look. :)

Boulevard Modish: University of Lusaka. this look caught my eye because she is rocking a fierce brush cut look and a beautiful figure hugging dress. love!

Kahyi. left hand.

Kahyi. right hand.

Kahyi. 18/08/2012. Serenity Lodge.  At a Ladies Breakfast.

Key. Saturday. 18/08/2012. an outfit she wore to a party.

Kahyi. 19/08/2012. an outfit worn to church.(replace sandals with black flats)
Kahyi in beaded sandals. :)

Chomba. Saturday, 18/08/2012. Serenity Lodge. at a ladies' breakfast. absolutely love those wedge heels!! they pop because they were paired with a toned down Ameoba print dress. :)

Boulevard Modish: Gabriel. University Of Lusaka. love the jersey and shorts. :)

Boulevard Modish: Mufuka. University Of Lusaka. love the different colours she brought together, as well as the accessories. :)

Boulevard Modish: Mwansa. University Of Lusaka. love the checkered skirt and tights. :)

Boulevard Modish:  Kunda, Permanent House. this outfit is nice because of the simplicity of it. it brings one attention to the accessories. love it. :)

Boulevard Modish: University of Lusaka. 20/08/2012. loved the blazer. :) so preppy.

Kahyi. 20/08/2012.

Kahyi. Today. 21/08/2012. :)
Boulevard Modish: 19/08/2012.  Ms. Mwangala. loved this. :)

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