Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The 26

03/08/2012. Limpo. loved this look! also, Namu's look. she's on the right in this shot.

Kahyi. 04/08/2012.

Kahyi. 04/08//2012.

Our Mum. 06/08/2012.

Boulevard Modish: Uchizi's Pen. University Of Lusaka. love the carving. #teamZambia

07/08/2012. Enocks Adidas bag. love it!

Boulevard Modish: Nasilele. 07/08/2012. University Of Lusaka. love the design on her dress and her bow. :)

Kahyi. 07/08/2012. my little Gentleman inspired plimsoles.

Key. 08/08/2012. rocking her signature Bohemian chic look, but with an urban twist. :)

Kahyi. 08/08/2012. Hug anyone? :)

Our Gran. 08/08/2012. A ring she got in Senegal. love!

Kahyi. 09/08/2012. :)

Kahyi's nails. 09/08/2012. :)

Nails I(Kahyi here) did for Key and I. :) 09/08/2012.

Boulevard Modish: Don. Dedan Kimathi Road. Check out his Cheeky tee. :)

Boulevard Modish: Mr. Bwalanda. Church House. 14/08/2012. this is his wedding band. Crafted specifically for him by Argos UK. Complete with his name engraved on the inside of the band. :) notice the detailing?

Key. 09/08/2012. she brought togeter a floral vest, orange pencil skirt, a cardi and some sneaks for this look. worked yes?

Boulevard Modish: Eness. Zambia Centre for Accountancy Studies. love the jacket!

A compilation of our Mum, 06/08/2012. In an outfit she got herself on a trip to Bangladesh. the different shades of blue are so beautiful. we love! :)

Boulevard Modish: Kaj', 09/08/2012. Shoprite Manadhill. This hairstyle is so Retro. Love!love!love!

Ethel. Zambia Centre for Accountancy Studies. Focus: the multidude of bands and her double lace Canvas sneaks. :)

Rachel. 09/08/2012. the focus: the pattern on her dress, those earing s, the pretty flats and her chunky braids. :)

Boulevard Modish: University Of Lusaka. 09/08/2012. loved the jacket!

Boulevard Modish: 09/08/2012. University Of Lusaka. What caught my attention was the detailing on his shirt and his shoes. also, his bag is uber fashionable/functional. :)

Boulevard Modish: Nessa. Zambia Centre for Accountancy Studies. she went the urban meets grunge route with this particular look being brought together by the accessories she chose. (case in point: the bag and necklace)

Chitembo. 09/08/2012. he went green with his shirt and the hints of it in his shoes and wrist band. :)

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