Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kahyi Today: 14/08/2012


It's been a really long while. :(
Buuuut, I'm here now. :)
 Hope you're all well.

It's been really hectic this last coupla weeks (juggling school, work and killer flu's).
But, I hope to gain a steady pace now. :) Many many thanks to all you beauties and fashionistas' that have let us take pictures of you.
I must admit, we get a few pauses, followed by a strange stare and a
"aaaahhh, but why, you're not a satanist ka?"
To all those that paused, here's the proof. :)

I must, I must, I must, say a HUGE thank you to Richard from Egwit Cafe(Church House, Cairo Road) for coming to my rescue when my Wifi was acting up this afternoon. thank you. xo

Today I'm really dressed down in a blue Maxi Dress, Cardigan and flats. :)

till the next post. xo

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