Wednesday, September 5, 2012

September: Avant-Garde!

Boulevard Modish: Sunday, 02/09/2012. these sisters really looked beautiful in their chitenge outfits. They took what would otherwise be ordinary material and made something graceful. notice the design on the back. love!

boulevard Modish: Sunday, 02/09/2012. the focus of this picture is the detail in her dress. and those tights! we absolutely love them!

Key. 03/09/2012

Key. 02/09/2012. :)

Kahyi. 31/08/2012. :)

Nails I (Kahyi) did on myself. 02/08/2012

Kahyi's nails. 02/09/2012

Boulevard Modish: 03/09/2012. We love this! the colour is divine and look at how fitted it is, that's the stuff! :)

Boulevard Modish: loved this look beacause of how backstreet grunge it is. retro feel about it too. :) 03/09/2012

Kahyi. 03/09/2012

Kahyi. In a print tee Key got. 04/09/2012. :)

Boulevard Modish: notice the tee? plimsoles are always a good casual look. :) 04/09/2012

Boulevard Modish: Mr. Manda. repping Africa in this Chitenge  Shirt. love it. :)

Boulevard Modish: 05/09/12. Nails! we love the dangling accessories on this chain:)

Boulevard Modish: 05/09/12. OVOXO fitted cap.

Kahyi. 05/09/12. :)

Key. 05/09/12. :)

Boulevard Modish: 05/09/12. love the fit and cut of the dress, aswel as the bi-colour feature :)

Boulevard Modish: 03/09/2012. was drawn to the specs she's rocking. love their shape. also, the detail on her little dress is really pretty. :) And, her beautiful hair.

Ira. 05/09/12. Ah, Boots! :)

Boulevard Modish: 03/09/2012. look at that hair!! we love!love!love! that hair. and take a look at her nails. very summer-esque. :)

Boulevard Modish: 03/09/2012. loved this look and how it combines different patterns and designs. another major is her hair. she makes that red wool work!love!

Boulevard Modish: 05/09/12. beautiful white bag, love the summer-ie flow of the entire outfit. :)

Boulevard Modish: 02/09/2012. loved these two's looks had a very relaxed feel about it. the print in the shorts is cool and so are their individual bands. look at the 'Zambia' one. :)

Boulevard Modish: 05/09/12. love the print on this! :)

Boulevard Modish: 02/09/2012. loved his tee. :)

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