Thursday, September 6, 2012

Kahyi Today: 06/09/2012

And good evening. :)

Hope that you all are well.
I'd like to thank, on behalf of Key and I, all of you that squealed with us, congratulated us, 're-tweeted', 'liked' and just supported us before and during the 'Women Of Distinction' interview on Monday. it was a wonderful experience and we're so glad we could share it with you.

I must say, I'm especially proud of all the boys/men that have allowed us to take their pictures for Ma Fashio. :)

Today I've gone summer inspired with a multi coloured floral dress, blue flats and Denim waistcoat. Accessories include hair bands, multicoloured beaded bangles and Harp ring. :)

Pictures to follow soon.
till the next post... xx

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