Saturday, September 1, 2012

Kahyi Today: 01/09/2012


Welcome to September, can you believe it's here already?
I'm very pleased to announce that the ladies of Ma Fashio - that's Key and I - will be on the Phoenix FM program 'Women Of Distinction' this Monday (3rd September, 2012) at 17:00hrs. The interview centres around Ma Fashio and our part in it.
Please be sure to listen in. :)
I'd like to give a huge shout out to DJ Roxy from Radio Phoenix, for recognising what we're trying to do and inviting us to do the show. She was such a wonderful host to us and made us feel tremendously welcome and comfortable. We had lots of fun. :D
We were even able to take pictures with and of her for Ma Fashio. They've been uploaded and are under 'Good Bye August'.
I must also continue to say thank you to all of you that stop and let us take your picture for the blog. :)
Today I'm dressed down rocking a tee, some loose cropped pants and flats.
take a look at the tee below. :)

till the next post... xx

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