Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies!

Mufuka. 06/09/2012. love this little retro tri-colour dress.

Chichi. 08/09/2012. love her dress!

Boulevard Modish: 11/09/2012. love how this oufit came together. it looks so comfortable. :)

Kahyi. 06/09/2012. rocking a floral dress and denim waistcoat. :)

Qhuanda. 08/09/2012. loved this look! the colour of the dress, the little bag. look how the scarf winds through her hair. :)

Boulevard Modish: loved this look because of how she brought together the different patterns in her skirt and tied their colours in with her tights and blouse. :)

Boulevard Modish: this outfit oozes femininity with the big straw hat, blouse and pencil skirt. love!

Kahyi. accessories worn on 06/09/2012.

Kahyi and Key. 07/09/2012

Comical meets formal in this very Key-esque outfit. 07/09/2012.

Kahyi. taking a much more calmed down afro-retro look with a head scarf, denim waistcoat, black floor length skirt, wite vest. and beaded bangles for accessories. :)

A blurry Key. 07/09/2012

Boulevard Modish: Karen, 09/09/2012. this outfit is adorable. love the blue wedges against her hot pink dress. formalised by a black jacket. :)

Boulevard Modish: Chiluba, 09/09/2012. what is not to love about the simplicity of this outfit? she brought it together well by belting in this stripey dress and throwing on some wooden heel courts. :)

Kahyi. rocking a short do. 09/09/2012.

Boulevard Modish: 13/09/2012. absolutely loved this top. it has a glamour meets summer feel in its design, with the lace and flowiness of it. also love those little beaded sandles. :)

Kahyi. 12/09/2012. EKG inspired nails. :)

Kahyi. 12/09/2012. :)

Kahyi. 13/09/2012. in-love with my heels. :)

Boulevard Modish: Chileshe, 08/09/2012. love this look. notice the design of her skirt and how she keeps the red going with a little red head tie. :)

Boulevard Modish: loved this look alot beacuse it is formality with a twist. notice the chain, military style office shirt and the intricate patterns in her fishtail skirt? :)

Boulevard Modish: 12/09/2012. absolutely fell in love with this dress. it comes alive with the different dashes of colour on it.  very summery feel. we love it!

Our Mum. Today, 15/09/2012

Key. Today, 15/09/2012

Kahyi. Today, 15/09/2012

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