Friday, June 14, 2013

A Year In: Our Birthday Post

13/06/2013. Key - as if to wish us back into summer - rocks a straw hat, DC Comics tee, orange J. Crew chinos and some plimsoles. :)

Boulevard Modish: 14/06/2013. We absolutely love this Suit.  If you're looking to go  fashionable, without breaking the boundaries of 'tailored' and put together, this is the way to do it. Notice the detailing around the shoulder and the elbow patches, matched perfectly with a checked shirt. :)

10/06/2013. Kahyi in Moccasins, Denim and floral print. :)

Boulevard Modish: 09/06/2013. This outfit makes us proud to be Zambian!! A great representation of our national colours! She "seals the deal" with a lovely pair of patent pumps and lovely neck-piece. :)

14/06/2013. Key in a slouchy jersey, a denim shirt and some leggings. Loving the accessories too. :)

Boulevard Modish: 10/06/2013. In-love with his leather jacket and how he matches it with his brown Toms. Also, he makes a statement with his "time piece". :)

Boulevard Modish: 09/06/2013. We love her simple Chitenge outfit, she's our Afrocentric look for the day. We are also a little smitten with her beaded neck-piece. (PS. Don't you just love her smile? :))

09/06/2013. Our Mum, Gina, rocks a sheer black dress and pink blazer. :)

10/06/2013. Key in her Jimi Hendrix tee and high-top Moccasins.:)

09/06/2013. Our aunt Joyce of Jonswa Designs in a Chitenge Wrap skirt, and  head piece. We Love It!! :)

10/06/2013. Kahyi models a Chitenge DIY Fitted cap Key made. :)

Our Little 'Thank You' Note!

MaFashio turned ONE today - 14th June, 2013 - and we've had a wonderful day! 
Amidst all the hustle and bustle of being normal "young women in their prime trying to make a living, to leave an impact", we have truly had a blessed day.
We are grateful for the support we receive, the smiles we have shared and the people who let us make their day by taking a picture of them. 
We are also grateful - as we continuously mention - for the opportunity to share our love for Fashion and People with you. 
It's not always the easiest thing to do, but we love to do it. 
We really appreciate every single one of you. :) 

Our Hope is to continue to shine a positive light on being an individual, and having your own unique identity - even if that includes spotting the latest trend! LOL 
We must say special thanks to: 
To our Pastor(s);
Our Mum and Dad for supporting us, even though half the time they don't know where we're going with this; 
Our little brother,Ira; 
Our extended family;
Silumesii Maboshe of Pencil Case Studios; 
The creative team at ETHAN KAED; 
Vincent Banda of KreativKingdom; 
Mazuba of C1rca 1964;
The lovely people at Black Dot(formerly DC Saatchi & Saatchi);
A lovely little lady called Mubanga;
DJ Roxy from Radio Pheonix;
Lilys Pepelia;
Our Aunt Joyce of Jonswa Designs;
Edgar Kaimba of GODRAB Agencies.. 

And a host of other really lovely people not among the aforementioned. 
To all of you, we say Thank You, you really are a blessing! 

We Love You!!


This. Is. MaFashio.


  1. Happy bday Mafashhhhiooo!!!! *pops imaginery champagne! look forward to your future posts!!!XXXX

  2. Happy biiiiiirthday!!!!!!
    Love you guys <3

  3. happy birthday!!!!! i love your blog so new so vintage! with love from your fashion stalker hehe!!! xoxoxx