Saturday, June 1, 2013

Fashion Fix: Return To The Boulevard

Boulevard Modish: 25/05/2013. Taizya, pops in her green. We love the Maxi and  tote bag. :)

27/05/2013. Key. :)

27/05/2013. Kahyi. :)

Boulevard Modish: 28/05/2013. Nancy. in a vintage blue blouse, red skinny belt and neon yellow - a spring trend - skirt. :)

25/05/2013. Key in her 'Johnny The Homicidal Maniac' DIY tee, and plimsoles. - It's monochromatic with a twist. :)

Boulevard Modish: This look instantly gave us a "Raquel in  'No One But You' " vibe, simply because it s feminine and  endearing. We love the "off the shoulder" look  and print particularly. 

14/05/2013. Key in her DIY multicoloured "blouse turned vest" and head piece. :) 

20/05/2013. Kahyi. :)

25/05/2013. Kahyi in a coral Maxi dress, fedora and her Lennon's

Boulevard Modish: 26/05/2013. We love her Bi-colour Polka Dot dress. :)

23/05/2013. Key rocks lace on her Denim leggings. :)

Boulevard Modish: 16/05/2013. Rachel. Another great way to rock polka dot, on some ripped whitewash jeans. also, notice her Egyptian cat-eye(the make-up)? 

Kahyi shows off her hair bow attempt with her twists!! :)

21/05/2013. Key looks lovely in her Chitenge skirt, she draws out the yellow in her skirt with a yellow vest. Notice her leather satchel? :)

23/05/2013. Kahyi. :)

Boulevard Modish: 28/05/2013. We love this army style polka dot blouse, the white pants and skinny brown belt. also, how cute are her accessories? :)

24/05/2013. Kahyi experimenting with a look...(The bodice was designed by Khayani.) :)

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