Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fashion Fix: Jerseys, Giggles and Nails

06/07/2013. Kahyi does a Denim and leather jacket, on jeans and courts, + a beret. :)

20/06/2013. Kahyi poses with a model - Agatha - on the set of a "soon to be released" ad MaFashio had the pleasure of working on. (Kahyi was the Head MUA) :)

26/06/2013. Key throws a sheer button down over a multicoloured crop-top and some studded loafers. :)

28/06/2013. Our Mum, Gina, poses for our camera as she shows off her high bun(done with Twist braids). :)

25/06/2013. Key shows off her YingYang and Panda nail job. Done for her by Kahyi. :)

25/06/2013. Kahyi is all "glasses and giggles". :)

26/06/2013. The Ladies of MaFashio, Kahyi and Key. :)

20/06/2013. Models on set. Make-Up done by MaFashio.(look out for the Ad) :)

28/06/2013. Key, and our Mum, Gina. :)

28/06/2013. Kahyi, and our Mum. :)

26/06/2013. For those windy days. Kahyi pairs her maxi dress with a blazer. :)

24/06/2013. Kahyi shows off her nail job. Coral and pinstripes. :)

28/06/2013. Kahyi and Key take a quick shot. :)

Boulevard Modish: 15/06/2013. We are absolutely in-love with Ms. Joy's tasselled sling bag. :)

05/07/2013. Kahyi, in a slouchy jersey and jeggings, perfect for our temperamental weather.. :)

06/07/2013. From l to r: Key, Kunda, Chilombo and Kahyi. On set at the "MaFashio Meets ETHAN KAED: Reloaded" Photo Shoot earlier today. :)

06/07/2013. Key takes us to school with this Olive Green number. Notice the Chitenge Short-sleeved blazer? :)

27/06/2013. Kahyi. :)

20/06/2013. Kahyi, with model Chibale, on set. :)

Boulevard Modish: 30/06/2013. We are so in-love with Jonathan's look. He expertly pairs a black  army style button down, with plaid pants and, our favourite, some uber stylish Combat boots. :)

19/06/2013. Kahyi in another slouchy jersey over a denim shirt and jeans. :)

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