Thursday, January 15, 2015

Zed Bloggers Style Challenge Part III: Hobo Chic

Recently, we were invited to take part in a fashion bloggers style challenge by our friend and Personal Style Blogger, Miss Kundwe ( 
We were also joined by Personal Style Blogger, Miss RoxyBoyd (, and took to the tracks for our third theme - Hobo Chic. 
This theme was chosen by Personal Style Blogger and our Challenge host, Miss Kundwe.


Miss Kundwe was our Hobo Chic queen as she donned flowy fabrics, layers and a head wrap. ;)

Lady of MaFashio, Kii.

Lady of MaFashio, Kahyi.

Miss RoxyBoyd, in a Kimono throw-over, leggings and brogues.

Lady of MaFashio, Kahyi, donned a striped jersey dress, woolen poncho, leather slippers and beanie..

Lady of MaFashio, Kii, did a beanie, trench coat, cotton dress, black booties and Louis-Vuitton scarf.

Zed Bloggers On Fleek: (top to bottom) Lady of MaFashio, Kahyi; Miss Kundwe; Lady of MaFashio, Kii; Miss RoxyBoyd.

We had a great time, look out for more blog posts from the shoot - featuring more themes!

Photography by: Silumesii Maboshe of  Pencil Case Studios.
@pencilcasestudi - Twitter

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  1. beautiful, I love your style very chic and extraordinary, and It puts a smile on my face to know that Zambians are doing it. Keep up the good work❤💋👄