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Triple Post - Bead Work, Birthdays and Zambia Fashion Week 2013: Guest Moments.

16/11/2013. Beadwork by the Anglican Women's Tuesday Fellowship Group and House of Globelle.

16/11/2013. Mrs. Joyce Mibenge confers with the Anglican Women's Tuesday Fellowship Chairperson, Mrs. Dorothy Kayumba.   

16/11/2013. Neck piece created by the Anglican Women's Tuesday Fellowship, purchased by MaFashio Lady, Kahyi. :)

16/11/2013. Jacqueline Stein of 'House of Globelle'. :)

16/11/2013. Kahyi. :)

16/11/2013. MaFashio Lady, Key and Jacqueline. :)

16/11/2013. unfinished beaded neck pieces. 

16/11/2013. Mrs. Jiri of the Anglican Women's Tuesday Fellowship.

16/11/2013. MaFashio Lady, Key. :)

16/11/2013. the Women of the Anglican Tuesday Fellowship Group. :) 

16/11/2013. Kahyi shows off a West-African neck piece, that will soon be pulled apart to create something new and trendy. :)

16/11/2013. House of Globelle's, Jacqueline.



16/11/2013. MaFashio Lady, Kahyi. :)

16/11/2013. Jacqueline picks out her beads.

16/11/2013. MaFashio Lady, Key. :)

16/11/2013. The Anglican Cathedral of the Holy Cross.

16/11/2013. Jacqueline creates a necklace out of assorted vintage beads. :)

16/11/2013. MaFashio Lady, Kahyi, and Jacqueline fix a misbehaving fastener.

16/11/2013. The ladies work on a clutch purse. :)
We were privileged to be invited to spend the morning(16/11/2013) with some lovely grandma's from the Tuesday women's Fellowship Group of the Anglican Cathedral of The Holy Cross. The group is made up of 28 retired women with different professional backgrounds, from Secondary School teachers to Doctors! :) The women meet to for bible study as well as to sharpen each others skills in arts and crafts. According to Mrs. Kayumba, the group Chairperson, the women use this fellowship and the pieces created for self-sustainability and value addition in less privileged communities.
The women use the funds earned through their art to finance a community primary school established in 2000 that they built in Lusaka's Chainda area.
We loved how open minded they are despite their age (we were quick to take down a few notes for our own DIY projects!). To order your own custom made piece, call: +260977532519 or email
We were invited by the beautiful Ms. Jacqueline Stein of 'House of Globelle', which is a collective global cooperative of women around the world using international standards of design and local talents, creativity and infusion of local design to create something globally appealing. House of Globelle, according to Ms. Stein places an emphasis on empowering women by bringing them an income and the essence of innovative design.

15/11/2013. the Birthday Girl. :)

15/11/2013. Happy Birthday Key!!

15/11/2013 Key's birthday: Black Forest Cake for Key. :)

15/11/2013. Key's birthday: Ladies of MaFashio. Kahyi and Key. :)

15/11/2013. Key's birthday: Ms. Buba and Key. :)

15/11/2013. Key's birthday: Key and Chaa. :)

15/11/2013. Key's birthday: blurry Leon and Key.

15/11/2013. Key's birthday: Key and her cake. :)

15/11/2013. Key's birthday: Key and our brother, Ira. :)

15/11/2013. Key's birthday: Key and Benny.

15/11/2013. Key's birthday.

15/11/2013 Key's birthday: the Birthday Cake. :)

15/11/2013. Key's birthday: the birthday girl. :) 

15/11/2013. Key's birthday: Leon, Key, David. (l to r)

3/11/2013. Dynamic Duo, Mr. and Mrs. Manda in their Sunday Best. :)

3/11/2013. Key in her DIY '1991' crop tee.

23/11/2013. MaFashio Lady, Kahyi.. :)

16/11/2013. The Ladies of MaFashio, Kahyi (r) and Key (l).

22/11/2013. Key in her Mickey Rourke tee

3/11/2013. Ms. Sylvia is divine in her Sunday Best. :)

14/11/2013. Key's DIY 'No Smoking' sling bag. :)

23/11/2013. MaFashio Lady, Key. :)

16/11/2013. MaFashio Lady, Kahyi sips on Litchi Juice before the 'Hot Diva's Inc.' interview.

16/11/2013. DJ Atience interviews the Ladies of MaFashio on 'Hot Diva's Incorporated'.

16/11/2013. the DJs of 'Hot Diva's Incorporated'' on Hot FM Radio.
A little something from MaFashio Lady, Key's birthday(15/11/2013), and our interview at HOT FM Radio(16/11/2013) as well as some Boulevard Modish.

19/10/2013. Guests at Zambia Fashion Week 2013.

19/10/2013. Goth chic at Zambia Fashion Week 2013.

19/10/2013. Zambia Fashion Week 2013 - emerging designer (r). :)

17/10/2013. MaFashio Lady, Kahyi poses with Mickley Banda of Mickey Lifestyle.

17/10/2013. love her maxi skirt. :)




19/10/2013. love the bag. :)

19/10/2013. Ngosa Chungu (aka whoops_c on Twitter) of Purple Tembo Media.


19/10/2013. love the Chitenge on Faux Leather. :)

17/10/2013. Backstage at Zambia Fashion Week.

19/10/2013. MaFashio Lady, Kahyi. :)

19/10/2013. MaFashio Lady, Key in a Pandamonium outfit by Ann Kamanga.


17/10/2013. a Peter Galifanakis gown.

19/10/2013. Towani Clarke of Kutowa Designs and Tivo. :)

19/10/2013. :)

19/10/2013. Ms. Kuka of C1rca1964 looks beautiful in her Chitenge Fabric Maxi Skirt.

19/10/2013. Writer, blogger and MaFashio buddy, Benny Blow poses for our cam'.

17/10/2013. Bumped into Ms. Mazuba, (aka @afrosocialite on Twitter). :)


19/10/2013. the Zambia Fashion Week Grand Finale brought with it some amazing dancers! :)



19/10/2013. Model, Alice Musukwa. 

19/10/2013. We love the colour of this dress. :)

17/10/2013. Beautiful print. :)

19/10/2013. We love the creativity of this outfit. 

19/10/2013. Guests wait on the next designer. 

19/10/2013. Ms. Buba looked radiant in this maxi skirt and statement neck piece. love her bag! :)

19/10/2013. Models and Make-Up backstage.
As can be seen from the pictures above, Zambia Fashion Week 2013 was characterised by a variety of Chitenge/Ankara Fabric, worn in many different styles by the guests. We were thoroughly impressed by the diversity displayed by those in attendance.

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