Saturday, October 25, 2014

Zambia Fashion Week 2014: Day One!

Karen Nakawala, Director of Zambia Fashion Week at this year's edition.

Mojo Media's Creative exhibition booth.

Petros Giannakakis exhibition booth at #zedfw2014.

Designer's Nada(r) and Nektaria Donta(l) have a quick chat before the show starts.

Mangishi Love's exhibition space.

Designer, Nektaria Donta.

Philanthropist and Etiquette Coach, Norena Chiteba.

Radio DJ, Roxy, in VO by Vonneta.

Designer, Nada Chibanda.

On The Red Carpet: We love those Chitenge accessories.

Designers, Uzangi, at #zedfw2014.

Attendees purchasing tickets at #zedfw2014.

On the red carpet: Gospel Artist, Mutale (l) in sequins and a fur clutch bag; We love the Military style top.

MaFashio Lady, Kahyi, poses with models, Christina and Mwenya.

MaFashio Lady, Kii, poses with models, Mwenya and Christina.

We love her high-slit red gown.

Lady of MaFashio, Kii on the runway at #zedfw2014.

On the red carpet: Model, Bwalya.

On the red carpet: Gospel Artist, Trina at #zedfw2014.

On the red carpet: Designer, Mwenge.

On the red carpet: Designer, Kapasa Musonda(r) and Model, Mulenga.

On the red carpet: Designer, Miniver Bwalya-Oliver(r)

On the red carpet: We love her Chevron monochrome dress

Lady of MaFashio, Kahyi at #zedfw2014 just before the show.

.....And Then It Was Time For The Show...

First up was Vitenge Ma Boys, an upcoming label, by Leeman Munalula, with a fresh collection for the gents. We love the the gold/brown tones in the menswear.

                       Next was upcoming designer, Urgence Malunga. We particularly loved the                                                         hi-lo dress, great for our Zambian summer!

And then, Misodzi Tembo, also an upcoming designer and first-timer at Zambia Fashion Week. We loved the high slits and hints of femininity in this collection.

                                                         Elizabeth Mwanza of Wama,
                                          below are some of our favourite looks from her collection.


Yvonne Katongo, designer at label, Yves Designs, had a diverse collection that included everything                    from wedding dresses to menswear, to jumpsuits. Our favourite piece was                                                             the single-shoulder Chitenge and wire dress.

            Natalie Mupeso of Rokkkangel Designs, who last showcased, and for the first time, at
     Zambia Fashion Week 2012, was back with a colourful collection that featured cut-outs and
                                                                         animal prints.

Innocent Angels by sisters', Mulenga, Chipasha and Katongo Chileshe were back at this year's                                    Zambia Fashion Week with garments inspired by nature.

            Mariah Muwowo showcased a line of bags and hats created from recycled plastic and
                                                              perfect for summer.

Doreen Chileshe of Gracepro Designs showcased a collection targeted at the modern Zambian                                              woman. We adored the Monochrome pieces.

                 Model turned Designer, Theresa, showcased a collection inspired by Zambia's jubilee.
                                                     We loved the mermaid design Chitenge dress!

Then Kasonde Nkole of Kasslitas Designs, unveiled her 'No Boundaries' collection. A mixture of                                       African print and other exciting and colourful fabric.

Mwanje Mukalasha, an upcoming designer, under the mentor-ship of renowned Zambian designer, Charity Nyirongo of Mo'Creations & Couture, showcased a well constructed collection featuring                                                               monochromatic pieces.

Closing the show was Smart Phiri of Smart Designs, with a collection that embodied the spirit of Jubilee. The collection featured national colours, and was well received by #zedfw2014 attendees.

For more information regarding any of the designers featured above as well as Zambia Fashion Week in general, email: and/or or

Facebook: The Zambia Fashion Week
Twitter: @zedfashionweek


  1. Whoop!

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    1. Thanks Kanekwa!

      We apologise for the out of focus images.

      Hope you're ready for Day 2!

  2. Love love this blog post. What you ladies are doing is revolutionary. Thank you for sharing what is happening in Zambia with the rest of us. I will be sharing your blog post on Fashion Maverickz <3

    1. yay!
      We're glad to be able to share it with you.

      Get ready for day 2.