Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fashion Fix: Mints, Pixies and Tribal Prints

Boulevard Modish: 10/04/2013. we absolutely love this sheer dress-top, because it balances out this season's trends: mint, coral and orange(in the belt). she pairs this with some black leggings and a classy black sling bag. :)

Kahyi,  09/04/2013.

Boulevard Modish: 08/04/2013. we were immediately drawn to her striking blonde hair and  sheer grey tights. :)

Rachel, 09/04/2013. we love the simplicity of this look. her white NEXT vest tucked into  a tribal print maxi skirt. We love it! :)

Key. 22/03/2013. rocking a pixie cut with her natural hair. :)

29/03/2013. Kahyi shows off her nails. :)

Boulevard Modish: 09/04/2013. Farrai rocks a denim button down on some jeggings. we love! :)

10/04/2013. Kahyi embraces her "corporate self". :)

Chibwe. 10/04/2013. we love her tribal print fitted pants. :)

Boulevard Modish: 10/04/2013. Loving the dress, it's all about detail, notice the little gold  border on the  'v' of her dress? we also love her bun. :)

Boulevard Modish: 09/04/2013. she rocks a lace and chitenge dress by Zambian  Clothing brand, Mangishi  Love.  and boy do we love it! :)

Boulevard Modish: 10/04/2013. this outfit screams INDIVIDUAL(!!). we are especially in-love with her fashionista  woven reed bag. :)

10/04/2013. Key.

29/03/2013. the many faces of Kahyi. :)

Boulevard Modish: 10/04/2013. we absolutely love this dress. the lines are designed to accentuate the figure, and thats what they are doing. we love how she tones the look down with a pair of leather sandals. :)

09/04/2013. Key. shows off her new purple trench coat and pixie cut. :)

04/04/2013. Kahyi's Chevron inspired nail job. :)


  1. Loving the street style of the lady in the Mangishi Love lace and chitenge dress. That turban just makes the outfit amazing.